8 Products You Need If Your Favorite Activity Is Hanging Out With Your Dog

by Julia Guerra

There are two kinds of people in this world: cat people and dog people. You might think you like both, but every pet owner has their preference. I know myself, and as much as I adore my 3-year-old Tabby cat, I grew up as a dog-lover. Though I'm convinced there will never be another pup quite like my family's late lab-chow mix, I'm anxiously awaiting the day when my husband and I move into a home that's big enough for dogs, and we can finally adopt a puppy of our own and buy all the products for dog-owners that are as much for the fur babies as they are for us.

Now, I kind of have a shopping problem as it is, but the second I get a dog, you can bet I'm investing in all things pet-related. You can guarantee I'll be shelling out the big bucks for the finest foods, tastiest treats, and the best toys that make my life easier as a dog mommy, and make my pup's life that much happier. Like cat people, dog peeps are obsessed with their pets, and they pretty much make them the center focus of their lives. Whether you own a dog yourself, or know a dog mommy who could use a few products to make parenting a pup a little easier, the following items are some of the best you can find.

A Subscription Box You And Your Pup Will Enjoy

Monthly Subscription, from $20, BarkBox

2017 was the year of subscription services, and I have to say, finding this gem made me smile from ear to ear. The second I become a proud puppy owner, my fur baby is definitely going to be spoiled with a regular delivery of BarkBox.

Each month is uniquely themed, and each box is comprised of "two innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew," according to the product description. The sign-up process is simple, too: You'll choose your dog's size, what monthly plan you prefer, if you want to upgrade to premium based on how playful your puppy is, and create an account with shipping and payment info.

A Shirt To Wear For Puppy Cuddles

RightHereAtHome Dog Hair Don't Care Shirt, $22, Etsy

It's nearly impossible to decline any opportunity to snuggle with your fur baby, but dogs, like cats, shed a lot, so you have to be mindful about what you wear when your pooch gets close. Consider this your new go-to tee after a long day that calls for puppy cuddles to make it all better.

A Pet-Friendly Car Seat Cover

PETerials Car Dog Seat Cover, Hammock, & Protector, $27, Amazon

While we're on the subject of shedding, let's talk about seat protectors. If the pup-love of your life is always down for a ride in the car, you might want to invest in one of these babies to keep things copacetic between your dog and your leather seats. Because, TBH, if you think shedding's a bitch, just imagine your dog scratching up the interior.

Set up the cover before trips to the vet, groomer, or long trips for precautionary measures.

A Treat To Keep Them Chill

Zuke's Enhance Calming Chicken Formula Dog Treats, $7, Chewy

I'm personally super careful when it comes to choosing foods and treats for my pets. If I'm making a conscious effort to keep myself healthy and fueled by natural, wholesome ingredients, why would I approach choosing items for their diet plan any other way? While I think a lot of dog treats aren't the greatest for a puppy's body, the fact is, you're not the only one who could use a supplement or two to stay chill.

Enter Zuke's: These calming treats keep your fur baby feeling good and staying relatively calm when you need their energy levels to dial down a notch. The formula is super natural and clean, with good-for-you fueling ingredients like chickpeas for protein, flaxseed for fiber, honey, rosemary, and chamomile for optimal soothing.

Travel-Friendly Food Bowls

IDEGG Collapsible Silicone Pet Bowl, $6, Amazon

If you and your pup like adventures, portable bowls should be at the top of your packing list. Whether you're hiking a steep trail or just walking to the park, it's always handy to have something with you for when they need replenishing, with the added bonus of easy clean-up.

These collapsible bowls do the trick, each of which are able to hold 12 fluid ounces or one and a half cups of pet food. Plus, their vibrant hues are really cool, and who can pass up pretty puppy accessories?

A Doggy Bed So They Can Quit Hogging Yours
Blueberry Pet

Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Bed, $50, Amazon

I'm clearly being a hypocrite here, because I can't get enough of my kitty curling up on my legs during the night. However, there is such thing as too much cuddle time, and especially if your dog is on the larger side, I can definitely see how sharing a bed could be a problem.

This pet bed from Blueberry Pet is absolutely adorable, bone-shaped pillow and all. It also comes available in a bunch of color schemes, so you can customize per your puppy's preference.

An Umbrella For Rainy Day Walks

LESYPET Pet Umbrella With Leash, $16, Amazon

How freakin' cute is this?! Aside from the obvious "aw" factor here, it's also super convenient for when you inevitably have to walk your pup on a rainy day.

The best part is that it'll protect even the biggest, longest dogs, with 19 inches total of coverage. But perhaps more importantly, your fur baby is going to be the cutest pet on the block with this accessory.

A Doggy Fitness Tracker

PETKIT Pet Activity Monitor and Sleep Tracker, $40, Amazon

I'm borderline obsessed with fitness trackers, so the fact that they make models for dogs is ideal. The PETKIT monitor can be hooked up to your puppy's collar, and will monitor their activity and sleep time, with the added bonus of a mood detector and health analysis. We can't all be dog whisperers, but this device gets us pretty close.