7 Christmas Gifts For Your Dog That Are Pawsitively Perfect

Everday, fur babies around the world emulate the very thing that the holiday season is about: gratitude. Dogs are loyal as hell and ask for nothing in return except your time and attention. It'd be a huge disservice to not get Christmas gifts for your dog, because out of anyone, they'd genuinely appreciate a gift from you the most.

How do we even deserve dogs? They're happy with anything we give them, even if it's just cuddle time and belly scratches. You tell me what human would be completely satisfied with just that. I'll wait.

Clearly, your pup is like no other, so you want to try and get them something that's focused on their cute little quirks and hobbies. Believe it or not, but dogs have a lot of personality. Honestly, everyday is Christmas with your pooch, because their very nature is to teach us to cherish and take care of something other than ourselves. They remind us that giving shouldn't be done with the forethought that you'll be getting something in return. Seriously though, the insightful takeaway is paw-erful with these fluff balls. If you want to see some major tail wagging and sloppy, happy kisses on Christmas day, consider surprising your pup with any of these gifts.

A Self Warming Bed

K&H Mocha & Green Self-Warm Lounge Sleeper Self Warming Pet Bed, $24, Petco

As much as many of us don't mind our pup plopping at the foot of our bed, giving them their own space couldn't hurt. Besides, this looks so fluffy and comfortable, we may have to ask our pup to make room for us. For real though, do they make these for humans?

A Glow In The Dark Ball

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball, $6, Chewy

Thanks to this light up toy, your pup doesn't have to come in right when the sun goes down. It's time to party hard with your dog even when it's dark outside. Hey, sometimes our fur babies deserve a spontaneous all-nighter.

A Dope Dog House

Boomer & George A-Frame Dog House with Food Bowl Tray and Storage Cubby, $130, hayneedle

OK, it's clear this dope dog house would be the talk of the block. Not only can your pup relax in their own space, but they don't even have to come in for meals. Hug your fur ball now, because once they get a taste of this baby, you'll hardly ever see them. They'll be living the life inviting all of their friends to come play in their cool new crib.

A Monthly Bark Box Subscription
Bark Box

Bark Box, starting at $21 per month, Bark Box

You could definitely give up one of your monthly magazine subscriptions or food delivery services and purchase a Bark Box for your pooch. Try to make it so the first one comes around the holidays. It'll be an exciting little moment for you to share every month when the new stuff rolls in.

A Personalized Chew Toy

Personalized Custom Dog Bone Shaped Dog Toy with Squeaker, $8, Etsy

I mean, dogs don't necessarily sit back and read, but they sure know their name. A cute little chew toy with their name on it just gives them further ownership of what's already theirs. Oh, and it'll be easier to spot during those play dates or days at the park.

A Pet Camera And Treat Dispenser

Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser, $160, Amazon

OK, this is a two-sided gift in some way. It's hard to go the entire day without seeing your dog, and your pup probably feels the same about you... we hope. They'll get to see your face, hear your voice, and most importantly, you can toss them one of their favorite treats.

A Bacon Bubble Blower

Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Blower, $26, Amazon

If your dog loves bubbles, this is the perfect gift for them. They'll get bubbles and the taste of delicious bacon. Also, if you get one for yourself, too, no one is judging you. Bacon and bubbles? It surely can't just be canine-friendly.

Our dogs appreciate any and everything we do for them. They've become more than our pets — they're family.