8 Pineapple Christmas Trees That'll Put A Tropical Twist To Your Holiday

by Alexa Mellardo

When it comes to the holiday season, most of us embrace tradition — whether they're old or new. It's a time when family and friends come together to deck the halls, eat delicious seasonal treats, and drink far too much eggnog and such. (But who's complaining?) One of the biggest parts of Christmas is spending a day picking out the perfect tree at the Christmas tree farm, or assembling an artificial one brought down from the attic. As ornaments add such a personalized touch to the tree, why not switch it up this year and try something new, drawing inspiration from some of the latest pineapple Christmas tree trend? It can be in addition to your favorite tradition, of course.

And how fitting is having a pineapple in your home this time of year? It is known as the "welcome" symbol in the South. It pretty much stands for everything the holiday is about — friendship, warmth, and opening up your home with love. These pineapple babes will certainly bring some sunshine into your seasonal decor. So regardless of the weather outside, inside your home sweet home will feel tropical and bright AF. Whether one of these little dudes is situated on your desk at work, in your bedroom, or as a whimsical centerpiece on your island or dining room table, it's truly a necessity for any beach bum who's trying to cope with any wintertime blues.

Some of these are elaborate, decked-out pineapples, while others are trees decorated to resemble the tropical vibes. So whether you like piña coladas, or getting caught in the snow, happy decorating to all and to all a sweet night.

Under The Sea, You'll Most Likely Find This Spongebob-Inspired Pineapple Tree
Cartmell Shepherd on Twitter

How unique is this take on the typical Christmas tree? Whether you find an actual yellow tree, or buy a white one and spray paint it, this DIY craft will be super fun and simple to put together. It looks like this piece is accented with black pompoms to complete the pineapple vibes.

If you're a major Spongebob fan, this tree was truly made for you. It'll be a pretty clutch conversation piece when all of your friends come over for cookie swapping and mulled wine drinking.

These Pineapples Bring Lit To An Entirely New Level
Lyon Brands on Twitter

If you're looking for some extra decor throughout your home, these extremely lit pineapples will get the job done, and then some. They are simple, super trendy, and provide some nice mood lighting for your holiday entertaining. All you'll need are several pineapples, some small string lights, and golden stars as the cherry topping of this look.

The Real MVP Of Christmas Cheer
Las Iguanas on Twitter

OK, this pineapple has so much swag, even Santa might be a tad jealous. This is the ultimate DIY gift for the person on your list who seems to already have everything. Who wouldn't want to receive a funny little guy like this one to add to their holiday cheer?

Tropical Lemonade, Anyone?
The Beauty Crop on Twitter

I'm thinking this vibrant lemonade-inspired look would make queen Bey proud. Whether you love pink, or are a sucker for all things pineapple, this tree was truly made to bright up your living room for Christmas.

This Pineapple Queen Has Visions Of Sugar-Plums Dancing On Her Head
newsrust on Twitter

This chick is a total badass, and she most certainly knows it, too. I'm digging the pineapple shades so much, I just might have to steal them from this gal. Sorry, not sorry. In fact, if you're throwing a "holiday in the tropics"-themed bash, you should certainly buy these pineapple shades for all of your guests to rock around the Christmas tree with.

This Badass Pineapple Deserves The Spotlight
Marshall House on Twitter

This is one great way to stand out this holiday, that's for sure. It's a fresh, unique, and fun take on your average Christmas tree, and will add some personal flair into the mix. Dare to be different? This is the way to go.

A Pink Pineapple Topper And Matching Balls For The Win
Katie on Twitter

If you're a pretty in pink kind of gal, this tree is calling your name. All of the elements to recreate this tree look will be easy to find. Deck it out in white and pink balls, and make sure you wear hot pink lipstick to match when you entertain this season.

Looking Glam AF In Plaid
Kayla on Twitter

Traditional colors are always perfect for that cozy holiday feel. Besides, you really cannot go wrong with stylin it up in plaid bows. You most likely have all of these elements to work with already, so get to decorating! You'll be rockin' around the pineapple tree before you know it.