Pineapple Jack-O'-Lanterns Are Way More Badass Than Pumpkins This Halloween

by Alexa Mellardo

There's good news for everyone out there who still cannot deal with the fact that summer's over.

One of your favorite autumn activities got a lot more tropical.

It turns out, a ton of people are carving pineapples instead of pumpkins this fall.

Hold UP. Did fall's signature fruit just get replaced this season?!

I'm feeling super conflicted right now.

On the one hand, I'm a total beach bum and love everything about summer — especially pineapples. Give me a piña colada with a slice of pineapple on the side to sip on the beach, and this girl over here is SET.

On the other hand, one of the things I go crazy about in the fall is pumpkin picking.

I have to give it to these pineapple jack-o'-lanterns, though. They look pretty badass.

It's clear the carving will be seriously yummy.

And when it comes to decorating your house, you can have the best of both worlds.

A pineapple jack-o'-lantern, surrounded by pumpkins. Nothing wrong with that, right?

OR you can just move someplace tropical and pretend it's fall with this little dude.

Seriously though, is this autumnal decor trendy AF or what?

You can even carve a whole bunch of these little guys for a sick display in your house.

I feel like I can definitely get down with this trend.

Pineapple jack-o-lanterns are the way to go this fall.

Ready to get the party started like...

We'd love to see what this artist who specializes in pumpkins could do with pineapples, though.

His pumpkin-carving skills are seriously unreal.

I'm sure we'll see some way more intricate pineapple carvings soon enough.

Real talk: Are you on board with this trend?! Are you team pumpkin or team pineapple?

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