8 Absurdly Cute Pics Of Pugs That'll Make You Want To Hug Your Pup ASAP

by Tessa Harvey

Dogs are a gift to this world. They're loyal, loving, and don't take no for an answer when they want you to play with them. As a result, they're guaranteed to make your day so much better, no matter how stressful it's been. That's pretty much all they really want (besides cuddle time and some yummy treats). In my opinion, one of the most precious types of dogs is a pug, which is why you need some pictures of pugs in your life, ASAP.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted a dog of my own. We have family dogs in my house, who I love with all of my heart, but you can't ever have too many dogs. What I've always wanted is a pug. I think many of us can agree that pugs are seriously the cutest. Maybe it's their tiny little noses, or all of the energy and enthusiasm they hold in their tiny bodies, or maybe it's that they look just a little bit grumpy all the time (I can relate.)

If you're a pug lover, you know what I mean. And lucky you, because these pictures were made for you. These eight pups are living their very best doggo life, and I'm just grateful I get to see them doing so.

Oh Pug, The Great Thinker
Milles Studio

This pug looks like he has a lot on his mind. By the look on his face, one might assume he's figuring out how he's going to pay his rent this month. Or maybe not. He could be just trying to check out the little pug across the park. Either way, he's adorable, and I don't see why anyone could think otherwise.

Just A Pug Soaking Up Some Rays By The Seashore
J Danielle Wehunt

This is a pug pupper after my own heart, I've got to be honest. He's just doing what he does best, which is sitting, enjoying the fresh air, and taking in the breeze from the water. This is what we'd all rather be doing at this very moment.

No Winter Blues Are Coming This Pug's Way
Skye Torossian

This pup is festive and prepared for anything winter has in store for her. Just look at that face! Pure joy. She is ready to take it all on, out of breath or not. No amount of snow will stop her from enjoying this winter.

A Flower Crowned Princess

This pug looks like she just got back from the music festival we all wish we could go to this summer. She saw the best dog musicians, took some awesome pictures with her best pup friends, and loved every minute of it. She'll be posting those pictures on the 'Gram soon enough so the rest of her friends can see her living her best life. NBD.

The Instagram Star We Truly Desereve
Evil Pixels Photography

This pug knows exactly how to pose in front of the camera. This doggo has practiced, prepped, and is here to slay some super adorable looks. Seriously, we can all learn some tips from this sweet pup.

The Birthday Queen Is Here For Her Puppy Party
Zoran Millich

All hail the birthday queen, because it's her party and she will certainly bark if she feels like it. The decorations are set, the puppy cake and treats are ready to be served, and this fur baby is about to slay her selfie game. I bet she already has the perfect Instagram caption in mind.

Two Sweet Pugs Spreading The Love
Jovana Rikhalo

Many of us just want some love in this world (pugs included). Look this sweet couple! These two have met their perfect match, and they are killing this adorable, pink photo shoot.

That Look When You're Trying To See What's For Dinner
Minamoto Images

This pug is hardcore looking for something, and my bets are that he's trying to scope out what's cookin' for dinner. Same though, little guy, same. I'm obsessed with how cute he is, and I'm also super impressed with his back strength — it's hard to stand up straight like that! Kudos, pup.