8 Pics Of Dachshunds Who Are Kind Of Cool Cats, Even Though They're Hot Dogs

by Tessa Harvey

I know I'm stating the obvious, but can we all agree that dogs of every size are great? Small, big, tall, long, or short, if I see a dog, you know I'm going to obsess over them long after I meet them. They're just so dang lovable. A happy dog will warm up to you, love you, and appreciate you. On a bad day, sometimes all you really need is the presence of an adorable pup to get your spirits lifted and put a smile on your face. These pictures of Dachshunds are for fur baby lovers, and they'll make your entire week.

Maybe not everyone will admit it, but it's kind of true that everyone's thought about owning a Dachshund once or twice in their life. I mean, they're just so cute. Seriously, they're tiny, they're wiggly, and they're the perfect size to cuddle. Not to mention — they're filled with enthusiasm, love, and energy for any kind of plan you want to take them on. What I'm saying is, you can't go wrong in adopting a Dachshund, alright? It's just not possible. But if adopting a dog isn't in your future right now, or you're just here for some sweet dog pics, these eight Dachshunds will keep you hella entertained.

Dachshund Reporting For Duty
portervillemkt on Twitter

The tweet that goes along with these pictures is what really makes this photo so great. Security dogs are one thing, but recruiting a team of Dachshunds is a hilarious and awfully cute endeavor that I highly approve of. Continue on, pups. Your service is appreciated.

They Make Great Protagonists
chariscircle on Twitter

I love this picture for so many reasons. First of all, that puppy face is so questioning, so pure, so full of curiosity. Then, of course, the books. Of course Jasmine's favorite books are the ones about Dachshunds. Can you blame her? They look like great reads, if you ask me.

Mornings With The Squad Never Looked So Good

Public service announcement: All other squads have been cancelled at this moment. Reason? None of us will achieve the level of coolness that this Dachshund gang has. Are they squirrel hunting? Posing? Just taking in the views? Who knows, but they look good doing it.

The Cutest, Even When Camera Shy
zemindgames on Twitter

I can't get over the shy, bashful face on this little Dachshund pup. She's doing her darnedest to shake her human's hand and be good, but she also is very camera shy, don't you think? Seriously, if that adorable face doesn't get her all the treats, I don't know what will.

Because Sometimes, You Just Need Some Time To Chill
komarnicki5 on Twitter

After a long day, what do you feel like doing? Kicking up your feet and grabbing a quick snooze, of course. Dachshunds agree with you. It just so happens that these guys chose the stairs as their chill spot. No worries, it looks just as comfortable, guys. I'll just be over here, catching some snooze time on the couch...

A Pink Sweater Never Looked Better
daveespnpr on Twitter

I'm obsessed with this little Dachshund, and it has everything to do with the adorable spots and color of her fur. She's six months old according to when this person posted the tweet, and already more fashionable than I was at six months. We call this a doggie-do, and I hope she never changes her look.

Sleeping On The Job Like It's NBD
spartacusi on Twitter

Again, with the Dachshunds as a security team? What is it about them? So adorable, I can't even handle it. I don't think I'd exactly feel protected, but they are too sweet to wake up. Plus, we've all felt like taking a nap on the job here or there, right? You can't blame them.

Soakin' Up The Sun
dsav90 on Twitter

These golden brown pups look amazing, and it's not just because of those fabulous haircuts (but I really am kind of loving the slightly ruffled look of dog on the right). The sun is doing them all the favors in the absolutely adorable department here, and I'd love it if these were my pups.