13 Absurdly Cute Dalmatians Who Have Personalities That Are Spot On, Pun Intended

by Tessa Harvey

There's something about seeing an adorable Dalmatian that gives me so much nostalgia. I didn't have a Dalmatian as a kid, and no one I knew had one, either. But, when I was growing up, Dalmatians seemed liked the coolest dog you could possibly have. Maybe it's because they were in some of our favorite books, TV shows, and movies (I'm looking at you, 101 Dalmatians). So many of us looked up to these heroic pooches who served as firehouse dogs, ready to step in to save the day. If you're as in love with these dogs as I am, you know that this breed is beyond loyal. Even at a glimpse, pictures of Dalmatians can give you a sense of who they are.

Seriously, there's no arguing that every dog is absolutely incredible in their own special way. They have such unique personalities and characteristics that make us instantly fall head over heels for them. They're loyal to a fault and will love you tremendously. Of course, they never run away from a good belly rub, which, TBH, is comforting for you and them. Dalmatians are no exception. They're adorable, and they're kind of awe-inspiring. I mean, just look at those beautiful spots!

Sometimes, you just need a pup to make your day, and you're not always with your own furry friend. Luckily, a few sassy pup pictures can get the job done. These 13 Dalmatians are bound to make you say "awe" out loud. You've been warned.

Look No Further For The Ultimate Playmate
Duet Postscriptum/Stocksy

This pup is on the hunt, and it's not for food. Nope, she's looking for an adventurous playmate. Have anyone in mind to help a girl out? I think any of us would volunteer, honestly.

When Your Human Is The Actual Best
Lucas Ottone/Stocksy

I love my dog, because she knows just what I need at all times of the day, every day. Whether that's a refreshing morning walk, or a lazy afternoon snuggled up in bed, she's game for it. Or, at least, she doesn't judge me for it. This Dalmatian pup truly seems to understand that sometimes, a long nap is necessary.

The Surf And Sand Is Where It's At
Ina Peters/Stocksy

Just like dogs make good everyday life companions, they're also pretty awesome travel partners. This adorable pup lounging on a sandy beach makes me want to jump in the car and just cruise to a beach with a few furry friends. Anyone else?

This Pup Appreciates The Chill Life Basking In The Sunshine
Vera Lair/Stocksy

All fur baby parents know this look all too well. This is your dog's "I love you human, even when you're talking to me in that puppy dog voice," kind of look. That's undeniable love right there.

When The Instagram Picture Goes Oh-So-Wrong
Duet Postscriptum/Stocksy

How many of you dog lovers have tried coaxing and convincing your dog into taking aesthetic AF Instagram photo shoots with you? Yeah, me too, and I'll be honest — most of mine end up like this. Even this lil' Dalmatian is a tad camera shy.

The Midday Slump Is All Too Real
Elva Plevier/Stocksy

Who got a hold of this Wednesday workday footage of me?! I joke, but for real. This is pretty much all of us when work is dragging and all you can think about is that taco you're going to have for dinner.

When Life's Just Too Ruff To Deal
Luca Pierro/Stocksy

A dog's life has gotta be a good life, right? I mean, they sleep most of the day, they hang out with you, and they get tons of attention and treats. It's really ideal.

Story Time Is The Best Time
Duet Postscriptum/Stocksy

I love how interested this pup looks. Who knows, maybe dogs can read. This doggo sure knows what's going on — or, at least, he's really making an effort to.

Do Not Disturb: I'm Trying To Get Some Work Done, Here
Duet Postscriptum/Stocksy

You've gotta admit — this pic is downright hilarious. This dog looks like a workaholic, so I bet some of us can totally relate to the feels. Just don't disturb her while she's working, OK? A working dog's life is busy.

Something Borrowed And Blue
Vera Lair/Stocksy

How sweet is this dapper dude? I don't know if it's the eyes or the baby blue ribbon, but I'm totally in love. This is the puppy we all want.

Pose For That Camera
Luca Pierro/Stocksy

Profile shots might be hard to pull off, but this pup has got it. I'm loving his little bow tie. It really screams fashionisto, don't you think?

The Best Boy Around
Luca Pierro/Stocksy

When I look at this Dalmation, I just hear the voice of Dug from Up. Please tell me I'm not alone in thinking this; I just know this pup is the best boy around. I mean, look at that face!

More Beach Days, Please
Vera Lair/Stocksy

This Dalmatian looks in his element and thriving. He loves the beach, he lives for long beach days, and he'd like you to remember to take him more often. That happy face looks like a smile to me.