8 Moms Offer Their Wisest Advice On How To Be A Great Girlfriend In Your 20s

by Jamie Kravitz

Whether you like to admit it or not, your mom is pretty darn knowledgeable. She likely has a wealth of advice to share about 20-something life, including how to handle romantic relationships in your 20s. When it comes to dating, she's been there, done that. She might say it's important for you to learn from your mistakes, but she also wants to help prevent you from getting your heart broken. And if you're too stubborn to take your own moms' advice on how to be a girlfriend, maybe you'll listen to one of these eight wise women. It's true that mother knows best — if only because she's been in your shoes.

This Mother's Day, consider asking your mom or your mother figure for her best pieces of dating advice. It's far too easy to take her for granted, so take this opportunity to let her know how much you appreciate her and respect her opinion. She'll love telling you all the stories she couldn't share when you were younger, but more than that, she'll be touched that you asked in the first place. Here's what eight different moms have to say to their daughters (and other young women) about being a girlfriend in your 20s.

Don't Feel Like You Need To Rush Into A Serious Relationship
Take it slowly and remember people change so much in their 20s. It's a time to explore so try not to get weighed down by making large life commitments too quickly.

— Cheri, 58

Have Fun And Make Memories That Will Last A Lifetime
Have a lot of fun, so that when your kids are in their 20s you’ll have great stories to tell them.

— Lisa, 57

Cherish Your Independence, But Also Be A Good Partner
Don’t be a nag. Be independent. Feed his soul and his belly.

— Audrey, 53

Don't Ever Give In To Pressure From Another Person
Respect yourself. If a guy or girl ever makes you feel uncomfortable, there's a reason. Figure it out.

— Cathy, 61

Enjoy The Moment; You Don't Always Have To Think Long-Term
The person you’re dating at 23 might not be a great fit for your 40-something self. Don’t let this stop you. It’s OK to have some fun even if you don’t see a future.

— Meredith, 43

Make Your Own Choices Based On What's Best For You
Never make your college choices because of a boyfriend (distance, etc.) Go to the best college for you and your future. If he’s the right one he’ll live through the distance and separation.

— Cathy, 58

Prioritize Your Goals And Don't Let A Romantic Relationship Slow You Down
You don’t need to rush into a relationship in your 20s, because it’s one of the most exciting times of your life. It’s a time to take advantage of opportunities that are out there. Focus on your career goals without worrying how it’s going to affect someone else.

— Christine, 58

Be Prepared For Unexpected Circumstances
Always keep a private bank account in your mother's name that nobody knows about.

— Lauren, 52

While the above advice varies, these moms are on the same page about a few key points. They're all in agreement that your 20s are a time for you to grow and change, and that you don't need to settle down with someone right away. Forget the timeline. Take away the self-imposed deadline. It will happens when it happens.

Remember that it's not selfish to prioritize your education and your career goals over a boyfriend or girlfriend. In fact, this is exactly the time in your life when you should do just that. The right person for you will respect and admire your ambition. If someone you're dating doesn't support your success, you don't need them in your life.

Above all, remember this one simple thing: Significant others will come and go, but your mom's love is forever.