8 Lazy Halloween Costumes For Adults Who Can't Be Bothered To Plan Ahead This Year

by Caroline Burke

It seems like every year, Halloween arrives a little bit sooner than it did the year before. It's hard to take time to make a truly unique costume when you're an adult. You're too busy trying to figure out how to link your checking and savings accounts without accidentally becoming complicit in your own identity theft. There's simply no time to buy a fancy sewing machine and throw something together, and besides, you probably just got locked out of your checking account after typing in the wrong pin code 10 times anyway. There's nothing wrong with admitting you're ready to consider some lazy halloween costumes for adults ahead of All Hallows' Eve.

In fact, some of the best Halloween costumes require no prep time at all. All it takes is a little bit of research, a Sharpie or two, and five to 10 minutes of your time. If you don't want to deal at all with creating a homemade costume, there are also some get-ups that require no more than a few mouse clicks, and won't crush your budget, either.

Halloween may be the best holiday of the year (I'm always rooting for Fourth of July, which is basically like summertime Halloween, but I digress), but planning for it should still be a breeze. Here are eight lazy Halloween costumes for adults who simply cannot be bothered to plan ahead this year.

Thing 1 And Thing 2
Expivia on Twitter

These girls went all out, but really, all you need is a red shirt and a Sharpie.

If you don't have a partner, who cares? It's 2017. Thing 1 can have a day on their own once in a while, right?

Awkward Family Photo
Kelsey Smith on Twitter

For another "family photo" idea, dress in '90s style clothes to create an "old family portrait." Turtlenecks and mullets and ill-fitting jeans, oh my!

Animal Onesie
WOTOGOLD Animal Onesies

Adult Koala Pajamas, $26.90, Walmart

An animal onesie is like the slightly edgier version of dressing up in your pajamas. Plus, once you find out how many options there are, you might have to set up a few party appearances to fit them all in.

Seriously, if you think this koala costume is cute, keep this in mind: There's also a unicorn.

Mrs. Fentress on Twitter

What's really fun about this two-faced idea is that it gives you an opportunity for role play. Who wouldn't love to argue with themselves and confuse the life out of everyone around you?

Bank Robber
Brit Mockler on Twitter

This girl is the perfect example of how little you have to do sometimes for the best costumes.

If throwing tights over your head doesn't feel like enough, add in an all black outfit and some niche vocab words like "capisce," and now you're a bank robber with style.

The Human Banana
Candy Apple Costumes

Adult Banana Hoodie Costume, $34.99, Candy Apple Costumes

A sweatshirt purchased for Halloween, sure, but come on — there are a million other times you could find a reason to pull out this little number. Consider a special occasion, like a baptism or a wedding! Really, a banana sweatshirt is an investment in your future.

Dalmatian And Firefighter
Wagging Tails on Twitter

This doesn't have to be a couple's costume in order to work. In fact, being a solo Dalmatian might just be even more adorable than a firefighting dog.

Simply pick out your oldest white t-shirt, throw some spots on it with marker, and boom — you're now allowed to eat scraps off the floor at whatever spooky get-together you choose to attend this year.

Taylor Swift
Alyssa Gatlin Hall on Twitter

Swift's given us dozens of outfits to use as costume fodder over the last decade. Here's just one example: a remake of the outfit from Taylor Swift's music video for her song "22."

Want to tackle an even easier T-Swift costume? With just a white t-shirt, red lipstick, and black leggings, you can bring "Shake It Off" to life this Halloween.