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8 Insta Pics To Take With A Vintage Car That Are Undeniably Retro

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If you're already editing your Instagram photos with a vintage filter or a grain effect, then you're ready to roll into a new, yet retro, trend: posing with classic cars. You've leveled up and clearly have the artsy mindset to find Instagram pictures to take with classic cars and bring those ideas to life. Of course, that'll entail wearing an outfit that's so '90s or grabbing your disposable camera before walking out the door.

Although these ideas primarily focus on the concept and composition of a picture, having the right camera by your side will help you channel the decade when the Rolls-Royce or Mercedes was born. The saturated tones of a disposable will make your followers wonder if you time-traveled to a time when bell-bottoms were so in, or tie-dye made its first appearance in stores. Shooting your photos on the vintage Canon FTb your mom has tucked away in her closet might make you feel like you did, even though you were really just down the block.

Gear isn't everything, especially if you have a creative eye or some ideas in your back pocket. But, make the most of what cameras you may have laying around or at least a retro edit when you're putting together these eight IG pics to take with classic cars.

The "Got Lost In Another Decade" Picture
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For this first picture idea, you'll want to get all dressed up in a #look that's inspired by the '90s (Maybe a pair of denim overalls?) or the '60s (Maybe a tie-dye T-shirt?), or whichever decade your car is from. Then, you'll want to park your classic car on a lush street or one that's lined with billboard and palm trees. Snap a photo while leaning up against the doors or hood. Edit the pic you like best for IG with dust, glitter, or a dreamy subtitle.

The "Welcome To The Retro Car Wash" Picture

Pose for pics while you wash your classic, and show the sponge getting squished up against the hood. Capture the soapy water while it's dripping across the brand label or down the windows on the driver side. This will be a great detail shot that breaks up your selfies and other #content on your feed.

The "Checking Myself Out In The Side Mirror" Picture

In the side mirror of your classic, take a picture as you pretend to reapply your lip gloss, toss on your sunglasses, or blow a kiss. Your partner can snap some as well from afar so that you can post multiple perspectives.

The "Vintage Cars And Cameras" Picture
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Don't be shy about your vintage camera if you have one. Show it off on IG, along with your vintage car. Sit on the trunk of the car and have your partner squat with a DSLR or phone below. Pose as if you're snapping a picture of them, or hold up the camera near your shoulder. Make sure the tail lights and sky are very visible so the photo feels extra rad.

The "Through The Windshield Glass" Picture

The "Through the Windshield Glass" picture requires you to sit in the driver's seat of your classic and hold onto the wheel. You should look like you're going somewhere, and either have a window rolled down or a giant roadmap in your hand. From the other side of the windshield, your partner or bestie should snap the pic so your followers are eventually looking into the moment.

The "Meet Me At The Corner" Picture

The corners of a vintage car arguably have the best details for a picture. This is typically where the old school headlights and bumpers are, along with the retro-looking hubcaps. When you start recreating one of the other photo ideas, quickly snap this one as well. Position your camera so you can see the front of the car and the brand label, as well as a bit of the driver's door. Then "click" the camera and apply the vintage edit you've come to love.

The "Caught Up In A Convertible" Picture

If your classic is a convertible, definitely make the most of it. Stand on the backseat with peace signs up, or pose with a colorful purse. Act as if you're at a catalogue or Vogue shoot, and be as extra as you want to be.

The "Drive Me To The Sunset" Picture
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Take your classic car out for a drive at sunset for the photo that'll stop your followers from zooming through their IG feeds. The "Drive Me to the Sunset" picture is all about opening up your driver's door at a chill destination and soaking up the good vibes there. To do this, you may want to close your eyes or let your fingers run through your hair. Show your loyal followers what bliss looks like and help them feel it, too.

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