A young woman with blonde hair sits next to a campfire and tent on a grassy mountain.
Recreate These Insta Pictures While You Blanket, Fire Pit, & Chill This Fall

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If you had to describe "bliss," it would likely include a fire pit, a pack of marshmallows, and an extremely cozy blanket. To you, there's nothing quite as peaceful as curling up next to a fire with a warm mug of apple cider or cocoa, especially in the fall. This year, make use of these Instagram pictures to take by the fire pit so you can look back on the chill nights you had at a campsite, near the beach, or right in your very own backyard.

When the temperature drops below 30 degrees, you may want to tuck away your fire pit in your garage, and call it quits for the season. You might think about watching holiday movies or sipping hot cocoa indoors instead. Long story short: Right now is the prime time to pull out your camera and snap a few pics of your setup, surroundings, and cutest cardigans.

To get started, make sure you have your camera or phone when setting up your next fire pit. Gather up necessary props such as graham crackers, a tent, or your fave mugs. Then, get to snapping one of these eight pictures while you chill, blanket, and fire pit the fall season away.

The "Through The Embers" Picture
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The first of these photos should be taken from the perspective of your best friend, roomie, or sibling who's sitting across from you. While they hold up the camera, you should look directly at them and softly smile. You may have a blanket wrapped around you, be holding a cute lantern, or be taking a sip of red wine. It will look so moody, considering the embers will be rising to the sky right in front of you.

The "Things Are Heating Up" Picture

Do you and your partner frequently snuggle by the fire in the fall? If so, snag a picture of you two kissing with the flames in the foreground or background. As the camera clicks, go in for the smooch while holding hands and sitting on a flannel-esque picnic blanket. Preferably, capture this photo at golden hour or to create a romantic atmosphere. Show that things are heating up by including props like roses, wrapped presents, and notes.

The "Having An In-Tents Weekend" Picture

No camping weekend is complete without a few nights by the fire pit. This picture idea is meant to capture your whole setup, including your tent, snacks, and favorite games. Around the fire pit, be sure to lay out hot dogs on cooking sticks, playing cards, a guitar, or a skateboard. Take the pic while roasting a hot dog, laughing with your crew, or posing with your tent in the background as if you're on a postcard.

The "Snuggles, Shoes, And The Shore" Picture

Setting up a fire on the beach is a totally different ball game. It can be incredibly peaceful, since the waves are crashing at the same time that the fire is roaring, and even more picturesque. To capture a pic of the moment, stick your feet in the sand somewhat near the fire. Angle your camera so you can see the flames, and your socks and Birkenstocks surrounded by shells. Caption the final product with a lyric from The Lumineers or a phrase like, "Not your average beach day."

The "That's S'more Like It" Picture
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Did you even set up a fire if you didn't have yummy s'mores? Thankfully, you never have to ask that question, because you always make a sweet snack during your fire pit sessions. Just be sure to capture this photo so your followers don't feel the need to ask this question, too.

Have everyone in your crew put their marshmallows in the fire while you snap a pic of just the gooey ingredient. Or take a pic on your phone of the graham crackers and chocolates in your lap, while you roast a 'mallow in the background.

The "Backyard Fire Pit Hangout" Picture

You and your roomies go all out when you're setting up a fire pit. You bring out Adirondack chairs and lay out twinkly lights. Take this picture from your back door, making sure that your setup is in the middle of the frame. Take it while your roomies are chatting to capture a true moment in time.

Then, join them and get close-up shots of s'mores, the speaker you have playing, your fave mugs, and the lights spread out on the edge of the patio or grass. Post them all as a photo dump on Instagram, or put them in your story with a Polaroid-style frame.

The "Nothing But Fire Flames" Picture

Let the fire pit be the focus of your post with this picture idea. It's all about snapping the #fire flames and making them look bright and warm. Start by centering the fire in your frame. Try to get the edges of trees or the moon in the corners. After you snap the pic, toss it into the Lightroom app so you can give it a bit more contrast, balance out the highlights and shadows, and add a cozy preset to it.

The "#Fire Spread" Picture
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Your fire pit sesh and pics would be incomplete without some of the yummiest flavors of the season. Set up a delicious spread next to your backyard fire pit, complete with a charcuterie board, honey, apple butter, and pumpkin biscuits. Take a close-up of your treats, and a selfie posing next to your spread while enjoying a biscuit to show how you'll be spending the rest of fall.