8 Beautiful Milestones In Life That'll Bond You & Your Sister Like Glue

Sisters. You can't live with them, can't live without them (but you have to live with them for what seems like forever). But in all seriousness, sisters are some of the best people you'll ever know. There is a ton of bickering that goes on, but when all is said and done, they've always got your back. Some important milestones in life will bring you even closer.

Your sister knows all of the buttons to push to make you go crazy at times, but she also knows the best ways to make you feel better. Your sister is your biggest ride or die, and that will never change. These big (or sometimes smaller) moments in life not only highlight how much she means to you, but also how drab your life would be without her. You are each learning from each other all the time, even if you're the older one, and with each new landmark event or situation, you grow even more.

No matter the age difference, or whether you're older or younger, you may sometimes forget how great she is. Having a sister in your life is truly a blessing, although it feels like such a chore at moments. Don't forget these milestones, and remember that she's a pretty cool human being.

Your First Concert Together

While this seems kind of run-of-the-mill, concerts are actually huge bonding moments. Not only does this mean you have similar tastes in music (if only for this one artist or band), but concerts give you some of the purest moments of happiness. You're out having a great time, feeding off other's energetic vibes, and it's just amazing fun.

The first concert you ever went to together not only strengthened your relationship, but it also gave you some of the best memories. Good times are needed to have strong sisterhoods, and this is definitely one of them.

Giving Serious Relationship Advice For The First Time

Growing up, boys have cooties and kissing boys and girls was a no-no for most. And Lord knows you didn't want to talk about lovey-dovey stuff. Some girls may have, but the subject of boys was probably always met with, "YUCK!"

Now that you two are older, odds are, you've had many relationship talks. And it's no longer a taboo topic, because you've matured. Whether it's about the girl you're crushing on or the boy you don't know if you should or shouldn't get into a relationship with, your sister has heard it all. Some sisters may be a little more TMI than others, but all in all, the first time you discuss your love life together just adds another layer of trust to you two.

When You Can Drink Together For The First Time

Things always gets out of hand where sisters are involved. Sober or not, mischief is always caused.

The first time that alcohol gets involved may be crazy fun, and it's definitely a milestone. Going out with what is essentially your best friend (and who you've known longer than anyone else) for the very first time is exciting. You're getting to see your sister in completely new territory, which doesn't happen often since you already know her so well.

Sharing Responsibilities Over Something

Pets can teach some of the best skills to kids, especially to sisters who need to learn how to work together. Having a family cat or dog forces you to divide chores, set goals, and take care of them. It's one thing to share an animal, but it's another to really share responsibilities as well. There was probably a ton of fighting, but it's for sure a defining moment in your relationship.

When You Start To Share The Same Passions

I can't really remember the first time my sister started being as much of a feminist as me (and being a boss at it, too), but it just kind of happened, and really made me psyched as hell. I have this thing I'm so passionate about, that I talked about endlessly and took classes on to understand it better. To see that my sister not only took in all I had to say — but adapted it to her own life as well — was amazing.

When you and your sister start to have similar passions you fight for is a fabulous step in your sisterhood. It keeps you talking and makes your connection so much stronger.

Cooking Your First Meal Together

One of you is bound to be a better cook than the other (it's just what will happen), but finding that time to work together to make a meal is important. Again, there will be choice words said if you get frustrated with each other, but find that groove. Learning from one another is what makes the glue between you two the strongest.

Going Through A Tough Time Together

Even though it sucks and hurts like hell, bad situations bring sisters closer to each other. You have to lean on each other for support and also stand strong together against whatever is coming your way. Emotions are hard to express, but to someone who knows you so well, they just get it. Coming up with a plan on how to tackle this tough time will produce the most unbreakable bond.

The First Time You're Apart From One Another

Again, if you're like most sisters, you've lived together for a very long time. It most likely feels like forever, when in actuality, you enjoyed a ton of it. You have a system, things are set, and change (while inevitable) is scary.

When one of you goes off to college or moves out for the first time, it's a weird transition stage. It feels like a loss, even though you're still here, just not super close anymore. It also forces you to really be creative about communication, and you tend to do it more, because there's no longer a ton of face-to-face time. While it's a hard milestone to get through at times, it's one of the best when it comes to strengthening your sisterhood.