8 Hygge Coffee Mugs Under $20 To Help You Sip Your Way To Happiness This Winter

by Caroline Burke

In the dead of winter, the best thing you can do is lock your doors, curl up under the covers, and have a series of hygge weekends so cozy and luxurious that you almost forget the weather forecast calls for negative degrees. Hygge, the Danish term for "cozy," embodies a whole lifestyle that easily explains why Denmark is one of the happiest places in the world. If you're looking to be as content as the Danes seem to be, these hygge coffee mugs under $20 are one small way to make it happen.

Incorporating hygge practices into your life isn't about doing one specific thing. Rather, the lifestyle asks you to focus on doing basically anything that inspires warmth and contentment in your life. As someone who is 100 percent obsessed with coffee, I can say that my favorite hygge activity is curling up with a fantastic cup of my favorite brew on a Sunday morning and reading for a minimum of five hours.

Hygge isn't about spending money or buying specific things, but there are certain products that'll allow you to get your hygge on in the best way possible. These coffee mugs will encourage you to enjoy a lazier, cozier Sunday morning, and if that doesn't scream hygge, nothing does. Here are eight coffee mugs to help you live your most hygge-friendly life.

Oh, For Fox Sake!

MjMaeDesigns Oh For Fox Sake Mug, $12.50, Etsy

This pun may be on the older side, but if you ask me, it ages like a fine wine. Besides, everyone knows that foxes are the cutest creature in the animal kingdom.

Do What You Want, Because Hygge, And This Cute Cat, Say So

MugShopStudio I Do What I Want Mug, $8.99, Etsy

The idea of a cat having opposable thumbs, let alone using them to flip a human off, is just plain fantastic. This mug will inspire you to pull out your inner honey badger, and tell your friends begging you to leave your apartment: I do what I want, and I'm staying inside.

A Mug That Speaks To You On A Spiritual Level

MugMePlease Zodiac Nutrition Facts Mug, $18, Etsy

For all of the zodiac peeps out there, this astrological accessory is the mug of your freaking dreams. It also makes for a perfect for literally anyone — as long as you're totally sure about when their birthday is, of course.

Warm Hands, Warm Heart

Alesanna Coffee Mug Mitten, $16, Etsy

OK, this is brilliant, and I hope whoever came up with it is a billionaire by now.

This coffee mug mitten will make snuggling up with your favorite brew that much more enjoyable, and it's especially perfect for those office meetings in that one conference room that's always freezing for some reason.

A Mug To Accompany You During Your SVU Marathons
Speak Social

SpeakSocial Law and Order SVU Show Intro Coffee Mug, $15.50, Etsy

Law and Order fans in the house, raise your hand. As someone who literally does this for every SVU marathon (aka each Saturday), I find this mug to be the epitome of hygge perfection.

Introverts Around The World, Rejoice

PaperBerryPress I'm Introverting Please Go Away Coffee Mug, $15.95, Etsy

Introverts are a special, superior class of people. Just kidding, although I'm a proud introvert and a big fan of celebrating it.

For anyone who's an introvert, this mug simply says it all.

Boston Terriers Make Everything Better

Useless2Unique Boston Tea Party Mug, $9.99, Etsy

If you can't tell, I'm a big fan of animal-related wordplay, because the world is a scary place and we all need to find our comfort somewhere.

This dog's ears are so adorable, it will make even your worst hangover seem manageable. Let's be real: The Sunday scaries are a certified medical condition some weekends, and a good ol' hygge-inspired routine — complete with this cute mug — is the only way to heal yourself.

Wake Up With A Smile, Sunshine

Carinapaperco Campfire Coffee Mug, $14.95, Etsy

This classic looking mug will give you the fuzzy warm feels on even the coldest of winter days. Everyone needs a little positivity in their lives, and this mug is just what you need on those gray February days where you feel like you haven't seen sunlight in months.