12 Cute Mugs To Buy For "Your Person" This Holiday Season

I've said it before and I'll say it again, but the hardest people to get gifts for during the holidays are those whom you love the most. That list may include (but isn't limited to) moms, dads, and siblings. It sure as hell this includes your best friend as well. Your bestie, aka "your person," as Meredith and Christina would say, knows the ins and outs of who you are, and their Christmas gift needs to be absolutely perfect. If you both love coffee or tea and snuggling up while watching your favorite movies, then you definitely need these cute Christmas mugs for your BFF this season.

At this point, you've probably already gone through matching or themed Christmas sweaters, jewelry, picture frames, and every other gift a friend could have. With mugs, you can always just keep buying them. Each one will be another great gift, because they can be so different and express whatever mood or message you're trying to convey. And whether you want to go the matchy, matchy route and be cute AF, or go the singular route and really hit home with how much you just get your BFF, you can certainly find one to fit your needs and "your person."

A Cute Mug For The Aesthetic BFF
PrettySugarPaperie, Etsy

Cuddles and Coffee Campfire Mug, $18, Etsy

If your friend likes coffee and cuddling, this will speak to them on another level. The saying is on a cute tin mug, which is great for her morning Instagram, and it'll make a great kitchen staple as well.

For You And Your 'Grey's'-Loving Friend
TheGiftableGoodies, Etsy

Greys Anatomy Best Friend Mugs (set), $27+, Etsy

If you watch Grey's Anatomy with "your person," odds are, you two are strong as hell since that emotional drama takes a toll to get through. Why not commemorate your love for the show and also one of the best friendships on TV? Y'all deserve it.

For Your PSL-Obsessed Friend
Mugsby, Etsy

Pumpkin Spice Best Friend Mug Set, $24+, Etsy

PSL season isn't fully over yet, and even if some may say it is, if you two love them, is the season ever fully over? This is especially cute if you live together (and apart, since you'll always have the other half to connect with from afar). Because the only thing better than friendship jewelry is friendship coffee.

When You Are Just Too Perfect Not To Customize

Personalized Gift For Friend Coffee Mug, $20, Glacelis

This mug can be customized to have your names, likeness, and personal phrase. I love putting my own touch on anything (and probably because nothing ever has my name), and the holiday season is the perfect time to do this for your main girl. Plus, these illustrations are perfect.

For The Friend Who Loves 'Friends' (And Who Also Steals Your Clothes)

“Rachel to my Monica” Coffee Mug, $10, Etsy

It's hard to find anyone who hasn't seen Friends nowadays, and your BFF may even be obsessed with it. Why not show your love for them with an ode to another fabulous TV pair? It may also be a funny gab if she really does act like the Rachel to your Monica (let's hope she doesn't lose your top, again).

For Your Long-Distance Friend

Long Distance Mug, $16+, Etsy

Being away from your bestie is very, very hard. To show your love this holiday season, make a personalized mug with your locations and a cute-as-hell quote... to show your love from far away.

For Your Friend Who Is Your Best B*tch Until The End
TheTBird, Etsy

Mature Sweary Mugs, $21, Etsy

Me and my best friends are very free with our mouths around each other, and so when I saw this one (which comes in a great duo set), I wanted it so badly. It's a great design and will definitely be like it was made for the two of you (just like these are made to fit together). How sappy yet adorable — exactly what your best betch deserves.

For The Friend Who Loves TF Out Of Winter
Personal Creations

Snowman Face Mug, $15+, Personal Creations

I am all for names on mugs, obviously, and this is even better because of the snowman face. You can snag one for you and your main partner in crime, and make some peppermint mochas or hot chocolate for your next movie night.

For You And Your Friend (Who May Or May Not Be She-Devils)

Naughty & Nice Coffee Mug Set, $26, Target

Another set that fits together almost as perfect as your bestie and you do, this one is cheeky with a side of "awe." If you can't decide if you've been naughty or nice this year, or don't want to admit to the former, these are perfect for you. Plus, the heart handles are to die for.

For Your Friend Who Loves Christmas

Coffee Mug, $20, Glacelis

Another gem from Glacelis and their perfect illustrations, this one is very specifically for Christmas with a "Holly Golly" option. They have a pretty diverse array of hair styles and types to choose for the two ladies on the mug. Again, it adds just a little more love to the gift as well.

For Your Friend Who Loves 'Mean Girls'

“You Go Glen Coco” Mug, $12, LookHuman

Almost all millennials have seen (and love) Mean Girls, and this Christmas sweater mug is a perfect holiday gift. Out of the slew of quotes from this iconic movie, this is probably the one you say the most to your friend when they've done something great (or just need a laugh).

For Your Friend Who Won't Shut Up About Barb

“All I Want For Christmas Is Justice For Barb” Mug, $19, LookHuman

If "your person" has been lost to the phenomenon that is Stranger Things, get her what her heart truly desires — a holiday mug with "Justice For Barb" on it for all to see. Barb got the short end of the stick, and your bestie is probably still not over it. Cheer them up with this perfect mug.