8 Cheap & Fun Holiday Party Ideas For Those Who Are Broke AF This Season

The holiday season is an extremely merry time filled with festive parties, cookie swaps, Secret Santa gift exchanges, and picking out the perfect presents for loved ones. But when your wallet is empty, you might start to feel a little bah humbug about it all. Don't turn into a full-on Scrooge though, because many of us are in the same boat. The struggle is real, and it's a very expensive time. All of us don't necessarily have the cash flowing in to be able to afford a luxurious holiday with a lavish cherry on top. That doesn't mean you can't partake in your very own holiday festivities. You just need to come up with some fun and affordable holiday party ideas for friends who are broke.

You can get creative and thrifty to the point where no one will even notice how little you spent on your holiday party. They'll simply be under the impression that you're a Gatsby. These eight ideas will help to cover all of your bases to accomplish a broke girl's perfect holiday party. Now you can stop stressing out about it, and instead, focus all of your attention on spending time throughout the holiday season with the people you love most in this world. Happy holidays, all.

Make It A Potluck Party
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When everyone is required to bring one dish to the party, it cuts down your budget immensely and ensures that you'll have enough delicious food for everyone who shows up.

The potluck doesn't even have to be something grand. If everyone brings their favorite appetizer or snack, you'll have enough food to cover an entire table.

Host A Cozy Holiday Movie Night
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There's really no purchase necessary for a holiday movie night in with your besties. All you'll need is a solid lineup to stream your favorite holiday classics, some cozy blankets and pillows, and some string lights to set the festive mood.

We all know there are far too many great holiday movies — like Elf and The Santa Clause — to choose from. You can even have everyone bring their best blankets, and make an epic blanket fort to chill in while you watch.

Have A White Elephant Gift Exchange
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A white elephant gift exchange saves you and your friends from having to buy a bunch of gifts this year for the holidays. You're only responsible for bringing one present for the gift bag, so hallelujah to that.

You can get extra thrifty with this idea by all agreeing to bring one thing from your home that you wanted to donate this holiday season. Or, you can DIY a cool craft with items from the dollar store. You'll be saving in the bank and having a fun time with your friends.

Serve Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Like Hot Cocoa With Marshmallows
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You can save a ton of money by serving non-alcoholic holiday drinks at your party. It would actually be a lot of fun if you and your friends get together to make a unique hot chocolate recipe, like peppermint white hot chocolate. Or you can all pitch in for a big box of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate packets. Don't forget the extra marshmallows to top off each mug, because they're necessary.

Play A Few Holiday-Themed Party Games
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You can keep your friends entertained with some holiday-themed party games that don't cost a dime. Throwing a game night is a super easy way to save money, and still have fun with your main squeezes.

Filter your favorite game night games through a holiday lens, making sure all of your suggestions for charades are holiday-themed. It's as simple as that.

Go Christmas Light Sightseeing
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If you can't afford to host a holiday party, take it outside. You and your friends can go on a tour of your neighborhood admiring all of the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. It's a free activity you can all do together to get in the right holiday spirit.

Make DIY Christmas Decorations
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If you don't have the budget for the Griswold family light display in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, you can always put together a few DIY holiday decorations of your own. You can even check out the sales rack at your local arts and crafts store — your wallet will thank you.

If you want to make it an event, have your girlfriends over to make the holiday decor together. Don't forget to have an awesome holiday playlist streaming to set the mood.

Make It An Ugly Holiday Sweater Party
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Save money on the dress, shoes, and manicure. Use that holiday party outfit budget you saved, and instead throw an ugly holiday sweater party. Instead of dishing out cash on a pricy sequined dress, break out your fav festive sweater, and get to partying like there's no tomorrow.