8 Hilarious Dad Fails That Make Us LOL & Love Him Even More

In your eyes, your dad is a superhero. So, when you think back to all of the times when his dad skills were truly on point, you can't help but smile or crack up. He didn't always have a handle on every situation, though, but the outcomes were so lighthearted and funny. I mean, how could you not keep tabs on those hilarious dad fails that made you adore that guy even more?

Your dad has pulled off the seemingly impossible right in front of your eyes many times. (Seriously, you're still wondering how he managed to build you an entire treehouse when you were a kid without you even noticing.) But, nobody's perfect. The least you could do is help Dad laugh it off when he has to face a hilariously epic fail.

These fails aren't necessarily linked to your dad being clumsy, either. He's human, and as much as he may be your superhero at heart, you love him even more for those times he had to face his kryptonite. Luckily, your dad doesn't let these fails get him down, and it's pretty admirable. If you've gotten stomach cramps from laughing so hard at your dad, he likely attempted and failed at these eight situations.

When He Tried To Do Your Hair When You Were Younger

To be fair, your hair wasn't the most compliant when you were younger. Poor guy. When Mom was running errands and Dad was on hair duty, he was totally lost. Let's just hope you don't have his major hair fails framed in any of those archived school pics.

When He Butchered The Words To That Trendy Song On The Radio

I'm pretty sure when kids are born, parents take an oath at the hospital to embarrass them at all costs. If they don't, they can't take us home. I'm totally kidding, but when your dad starts wailing that Cardi B song in all octaves, part of you cringes, but the majority of you laughs. Like, did he even attempt to learn the lyrics, or is he just winging it?

When He Totally Blanked On The Name Of The Person You're Seeing

Your dad may never fully accept that you're a grown woman who's dating (In his eyes, you're his baby girl.), but that doesn't keep you from introducing him to them. Sure, he totally blanked on their name and called them someone else. Baby steps, right?

When He Tried To Cook Something New And Burned It Instead

Your dad doesn't limit himself by any means. He's the master of the grill, but when the opportunity to take a whack at one of your mom's recipes presented itself, he was all in. Too bad no one else was as eager to taste a dish gone incredibly wrong.

When He Thought He Could Fix Something, But Ended Up Making It Worse

Let's applaud Dad for getting an "A" for effort. Your dad is used to fixing mostly everything, so calling for an extra pair of hands is likely his last resort. Maybe it was that wonky sound followed by the three inches of water filling up your basement that finally allowed him to accept defeat.

When He Couldn't Recall The Exact Story About How He Met Your Mom

On the one hand, your mom can recite the first time she met your dad like a sweet chapter in a storybook. Your dad, on the other hand, tends to mix up the little details. It doesn't mean he loves your mom any less, but you do enjoy their playful arguments over whose story is actually right.

When He Tried To Go Clothes Shopping For You And It Was A Fiasco

OK, your style is changing all of the time, but your dad is sort of clueless about what you like to wear. You learned the hard way that you ought to be around when he's about to go clothes shopping for you. You still have nightmares about that bright orange sweater from the 7th grade.

When He Tried To Use Slang And Scarred You Forever

Parents love making fun of the things we do and say as millennials. Your dad hears one word of slang, and all of sudden, he's a professional. If you have to hear him misuse "lit" one more time, you might wet your pants from laughing so hard. Gotta love that guy.

Dads are an awesome combination of successes and prime fails. If we could handle failure even a fraction as well as they do, we'd be in pretty good shape.