9 Men Reveal Their Partner's Grossest Habits & Wow, You Might Legit Barf

Do you have a gross habit that you've accidentally (or not so accidentally) revealed in front of an SO? I know you do, even if you won't admit it. I'll go first. I pee a lot and I talk a lot; sometimes, for the sake of efficiency, I'll do both at the same time. So, yeah, I'll carry on a full-length conversation with someone, boyfriends included, while going to the bathroom. I've checked with guy friends who've assured me that, as long as all I'm doing is peeing, this doesn't quite make the list of gross things girls do. But an ex mentioned it was weird once and you don't forget feedback like that.

Anyway, I figured there was absolutely no way I was the only person with a weird habit that grossed their partner out. Like, do you remember on Friends when Chandler finally unlocks Monica's junk closet? He's horrified to find out that his neat-freak of a wife could be so secretly messy, which explains why she kept it a secret in the first place. Luckily, it wasn't a deal-breaker for Chandler and it probably won't be for your relationship, either.

I mean, on a good day, I like to think I look like this...

But I hope my partner won't mind if sometimes (read: most times), I actually look like this...

Life's all about balance, right?

Just like guys, girls have weird, gross habits, too. Our pillow cases have mascara stains from those nights we just couldn't be bothered to take off our makeup. Clearing the shower drain is an unsightly ritual that likely saves us thousands of dollars in plumbing repairs each year. And in the winter, we don't shave our legs regularly. It's just who we are.

Here are eight other gross things girls do, according to the guys who've dated them.

I feel personally attacked. It's called skincare, OK!

Picking her face for no reason.

- OvyZ_

For the record, this is 100 percent not what I meant earlier.

Pooping in front of me.

- Zach*, 23

To be fair, I've also been out with guys who've done this and just, no.

Ex gf used to burp very loud and pass gas in public without any attempt to hide it.

- Naramie

While yes, this is kind of odd, I still think this guy might be overreacting a little.

My ex used to suck her thumb. Pissed me off so much you wouldn't believe.

- Private_Parts87

Is this like marking her territory?

She'd wipe her nose on my sleeve. More annoying than gross, but still gross. Actually, now that I think about it, it's pretty disgusting. I guess I dodged a bullet there or, in this case, dodged the booger.

- Clay*, 27

I think this means he cares.

Walking outside with no shoes on. Why? It's unsanitary and you have to know that!

- Dennis*, 27

I like to leave the Starbucks cups in my car for a few weeks, really get to know them, show them around the city.

It's not all that bad, but old cups some not empty left in the car for weeks and trash. Is it that hard to just throw the stuff out?

- jwilliamshcmc

I feel like this is the female equivalent to leaving the toilet seat up.

Leaving their hair all over the bathroom floor and sink! I'm not saying don't let it drop, but clean it up.

- Nate*, 29

To be honest, we could be a lot worse.

If it helps, we're only truly gross around the people we feel comfortable with so if you see us walking around the house in three-day-old sweatpants, your first, immediate thought should be how to pop the question.

I mean, this guy gets it.

I don't know. After a while, everything becomes the norm and you just accept it.

- Francis, 23

Acceptance is the first step.

*Names have been changed.

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