8 Of The Most Relatable 'Gilmore Girls' Scenes That Got The College Life So Right

Growing up, we all had our favorite shows that taught us a lot about life. For me, that show was Gilmore Girls. From Lorelai and Rory, I learned that coffee was the most important thing there was, and the faster you talked, the more pop culture references you could get into the conversation. And when Rory went off to Yale, it was also my first glimpse into college life. Television shows don't always depict the most accurate real life situations, but there were some Gilmore Girls scenes about college that rang so true.

Some aspects of Rory's Yale life were things you might not experience. I mean, come on, that freshman dorm was unfair. Also, she got lucky having Paris there, and being able to drive home all the time. Not to mention when Lane practically lived with Rory in her dorm for a bit. Seriously, how big was that dorm room?

Putting all those moments aside, these eight scenes from the series got college life pretty accurate. So, any incoming freshman, I highly recommend planning a dorm bonding night of re-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix with your roomies. Just don't forget the snacks. It wouldn't be a Gilmore night without the snacks.

Going To The Dining Hall In Your PJs Is Inevitable

Whether you're just too lazy to get dressed or you're running late for class, it is inevitable that you'll have to make the PJ dash to the dining room for coffee and the essentials. No one's going to judge you, because we've all been there. Honestly, I would go to the dining room for waffles almost every morning in my cozy pajama pants and slippers. That's just the way #DormLife is.

Finding Your Perfect Place To Study Takes Time

Just like Rory, finding the perfect study spot on campus is a struggle. You may like to study at home, but are thrown off by loud roommates. Or, you could be a library person who is overwhelmed by the crowds of other students. Freshmen year is all about making your college campus feel like home, and part of that is testing out places until you find your very own "study tree."

You Will Get Wrapped Up In The School Spirit
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I'm not much of a sports person, but school pride is real and will take over. You may not be into every football game, but you'll notice your wardrobe start to gain more school colors. Who knows, maybe one day you'll be like Richard and Emily with lots of pride.

Adulthood Means Eating What You Want
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College is probably the first time you're on your own and making your own decisions. That means even deciding what you get to eat every day. Just like Rory, for most of us, microwave ramen and pizza is the way to go.

You'll Be Overwhelmed With Info On Move-In Day
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Move-in day was kind of a blur for me, because I was so overwhelmed with everything. Not only are you seeing your new home away from home for the first time, but you're also meeting your RA, roommates, and other people on your floor. There's a lot of info flying at you at once, that sometimes, you just need your very own Lorelai to remind you to stop and smell the roses.

You Have Your Go-To Coffee Spot
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With late-night study sessions and staying up having Netflix marathons with your roomies, coffee is a necessity in college. You will have your very own coffee kiosk that you visit almost every day. Oh coffee, what would we do without you? I love you a latte.

Staying On Campus For Spring Break Is A Mistake
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When spring break rolls around, you have the option to go home, travel to a tropical destination, or stay on campus. The thought of being on campus without your roommates around sounds fun, but staying back is almost always a mistake. Take a cue from Rory and Paris, and make the most of your spring break at a beachy paradise.

You'll Soon Understand Your Roommate's Rituals
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Living in the dorms may be the first time you're really sharing a room with someone. You'll soon learn all of your roommates quirks and rituals. Hopefully, they're not as dramatic as Paris' coffee ritual in the morning, but hey, that's still entertaining to watch.