8 Cheap Gifts You Can Buy On Etsy If You're Feeling Crafty, But Your Wallet Isn't

The holidays are here, and for most of us, that means holiday shopping for our loved ones. And while I really do love me some gift-giving, it can be both overwhelming and expensive to find thoughtful presents for everyone, from your uncle, to your best friend, to your workplace Secret Santa, all without having to cash in your savings bonds. My advice? Find some gifts on Etsy for under $20, because chances are you'll find plenty of presents that not only look homemade and one-of-a-kind, but actually are.

Try as I might, I simply don't always have the time to knit a sweater or make beeswax candles in my kitchen. Heck, I even struggle to find the time to bake during the holidays, despite my best efforts. So, if you can set aside an hour or so to browse through some Etsy vendors, chances are your holiday shopping is going to be done in no time. And hey, you might even have some leftover cash to treat yourself to a frozen hot chocolate and a midnight showing of Home Alone. Best of both worlds, amirite?

Take a look at some of the gifts below for just a little inspiration. Happy gift-hunting!

A Really Awesome Patch

Annie's Fingers Freddie Mercury Embroidered Patch, $10.35, Etsy

There are so many totally unique patches out there that'll help friends and family spruce up their backpacks, luggage, or totes with some super cool, original designs.

A Beautiful Bundle of Sage
MayanRoseShop, Etsy

Mayan Rose Jumbo White Sage & Lavender Smudge Stick, $11.11, Etsy

Not only are you giving a wonderful fragrance with this gift, you're giving the potential for a new personal ritual!

I was given a beautiful sage bundle one year during the holidays, and got into the habit of lighting it every night before I went to bed. Placebo or not, smudging is thought to be a powerful way to clear yourself and your space of unwanted energies.

Special Handmade Bath Products
EKBeautyCo ,Etsy

EK Beauty Co Foot Scrub Natural Aromatic Hydrating Himalayan Snow, $12.15, Etsy

These scrubs simply look good enough to eat. Get a special scrub, lotion, or bath soaps that have been made fresh in a kitchen with deliciously scented, all-natural ingredients.

A Piece Of Totally Original Art
LimitedAdditionPrint on Etsy

Limited Addition Prints Set of Four Sacred Heart Golden Girls, $19.99, Etsy

Yes, that's right. You can have prints of all four Golden Girls, but sainted. And if that doesn't strike your fancy, there's so much great, original art on Etsy for very reasonable prices. Whether it's screen prints, collages, or hand-drawn cards, you're sure to find something really special.

A Cute Tee That'll Make You Chuckle
RibbedShop, Etsy

Ribbed Shop Have a Nice Existence T-shirt, $13.15, Etsy

You can never, ever, ever have too many fun T-shirts — trust me, I've been collecting them since middle school. Find a cheap one you know will make your gift recipient smile and laugh every time they wear it.

A Graphic Novel or Comic

Troxylvania Stay Graphic Novel, $9, Etsy

Take a chance on someone's graphic novel or zine for the comic reader or collector in your life! You might just give them their favorite new story or introduce them to an inspiring illustrator.

The Comfiest Pair Of Knit Socks

EstiloShop Hand Knit Socks For Men, $17.12, Etsy

Socks simply never get old as a gift, especially when they come in fun colors and they're hand-knit — aka cozy as hell. There are a whole lot of cute ones out there, so choose your favorite color and get matching sets for your whole family.

Original Pencils For The Bookworm In Your Life
bouncingballcreation, Etsy

Bouncing Ball Creations To Kill a Mockingbird Wrapped Pencil Set, $10, Etsy

For the writer in your life, or just because these are super cool, these cute pencils have quotes from your favorite books printed on them. Who knows, maybe you'll start writing just like the best-selling authors behind the quotes.