8 Gift Ideas For Your Brother, Because He's Always The Hardest Person To Shop For

You don't need me to tell you that holiday shopping can be stressful, but it’s especially trying when you’re buying for a brother. In my experience, anyway, men in general can be super difficult to buy gifts for around the holidays, no matter how close you are to them or how well you know them. Trust me, I know, I’ve been there. Figuring out gifts for your brother is hard because a lot of the time, they either don’t know what they want, don’t care what they get, or ask for something super basic like a gift card or cash. Money is fine to give (and great to receive), but as a sister myself, I’d prefer to purchase a present that's a little more creative than a wad of bills slipped in between a festive card.

The real issue when it comes to buying a Christmas present for your brother isn't necessarily that you two aren't super close, or that there's a huge age gap preventing you from knowing what's he's into. Most men in general are just super hard to buy things for, period. Unless he has a specific hobby he's passionate about, or is a gem and actually provides you with a detailed wishlist, the only option is to stick with the basics: gift cards, cash, video games, food.

Look, if all your brother really wants for the holidays is a superhero graphic tee or some money, that's totally fine; that's one less person to worry yourself over. But if you want to show your bro he deserves more than the bare necessities or a trip to GameStop, here are a few out-of-the-box gifts your brother will actually love.

A Comb That Does More Than Tend To His 'Do
Go Comb

Matte Black Bottle Opener, $15.99, Go-Comb

So it turns out, Shania Twain was right: Men do carry combs up their sleeves, and it was naive of me to believe the only man in this world who could ever care about his hair the same way girls do was Uncle Jesse from Full House.

If your brother takes forever in the bathroom to perfect his manly coif, this Go-Comb will be right up his ally. It doubles as a haircare tool and a bottle opener, so he can prove to his friends that men can care about their hairstyle and still be a bro.

Earphones For The Athletic Bro
Altec Lansing

Sport In-Ear Earphones, $29.99, Amazon

Athletic dudes are a little easier to buy for, especially if you know they always listen to music during a workout.

Altec Lansing's earphones are my personal favorite buds on the market right now. With six hours of sound per charge, waterproof materials, and a 33-foot wireless range on electronics, the hands-free, surround-sound experience is sure to pump him up.

A Must-Have Grooming Essential
The Art Of Shaving

The Art of Shaving Power Brush, $28, LovelySkin

If your brother's idea of a shave is more or less a trimming treatment, then chances are, his beard could use a brushing.

The Art of Shaving Power Brush is super affordable, state-of-the-art, and will keep his facial hair from getting too straggly. Regular use of the bristled exfoliant will also reduce ingrown hair development, and can be used with a cleanser if he wants to get fancy.

An Audiobook Subscription
Getty Images

3 Month Membership, $45, Audible

If your brother is anything like mine, he probably doesn't have the time (or the attention span) to sit down and read a physical book. But that doesn't necessarily mean he's not interested in hearing a great story.

An Audible subscription is unique because you're actually giving him the gift of a good read and convenience. The app has numerous titles and podcasts to choose from, so he can listen on his way to work, school, or even before bed.

A Shirt He Can Wear Literally Anywhere

Reebok X JJ Watt Baseball Henley, $45, Reebok

He may not be a Texan's fan, but there's no denying this piece from JJ Watt's collaboration with Reebok is fly AF. Not only does this baseball tee look really comfortable, it's also pretty versatile.

Whether he's a gym rat or the star of a college sports team, it's always convenient to find long sleeve shirts to work out in through the winter, and this style features flatlock stitching to combat chafing, and speedwick technology to keep sweat in check. It's also just a really nice looking top to throw on when he goes out with the guys.

A Deck Of Cards
Uncommon Goods

All About Beer Card Deck, $15.95, Uncommon Goods

Is your brother the type to host poker night for the boys? This pack of cards can step up his game and teach him a thing or two about his beverage of choice. Who knows, maybe it'll spark inspiration for a new drinking game with his buddies.

The Coffee Maker Of His Dreams
Think Geek

Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press, $29.99, Think Geek

To be honest, I've had my eye on this Star Wars coffee press for years. Even if your brother isn't huge on coffee, I'm willing to bet he'd geek out over R2-D2 brewing him a pot.

A Cookbook That Speaks To His Stomach

The Dude Diet: Clean(ish) Food for People Who Like to Eat Dirty, $16.98, Amazon

It's not exactly a secret that dudes don't always care about healthy options when it comes to their grub, so this cookbook not only caters to their tastebuds, but their overall well-being, too.

If your brother's the kind of guy who likes to experiment in the kitchen, this could be an awesome gift that'll present him with a slew of new meal options that don't taste or look healthy, but whose nutritional value say otherwise.