8 Gifts Under $20 For Athletes Who Like To Slay As Much As They Like To Sweat

The holidays are here, which means everyone is scrambling to find the perfect presents for their loved ones. Personally, I always leave the hardest people to shop for at the bottom of my list (like an absolute rookie, I know), and those people are definitely my fitness fanatic BFFs who already seem to have all of the cutest leggings, latest gym gadgets, and high-tech headphones money can buy. When your friends seem to have everything, and your wallet has nothing, it can be easy to lose hope. But trust me, a few of these gifts for athletes under $20 are sure to make your fittest friend's jaw drop and save your wallet from total financial trauma.

It's already stressful enough having to pick out a gift that an athlete doesn't already own in seven different colors (I'm looking at you, Nike Pros and S'well water bottles). But aside from that, a lot of fitness products and accessories are actually expensive AF. To make matters worse, once you finally find the more reasonably priced items, things quickly start to get tacky, boring, and simply undesirable for your beloved giftee.

Have no fear, my friend, because these bad boys are all budget-friendly, while still ensuring that your BFF will absolutely slay while killin' it at whatever sport she plays on the daily. So, when you're feeling stumped on what to give to your sporty pal this Christmas and Hanukkah, these eight gifts are bound to make the cut.

Printed Shorts That Are Comfortable As Hell
Yoga Outlet

Balance Collection Print Yoga Shorts, $15, Yoga Outlet

Athletes are definitely known to have (at least) double the amount of leggings and spandex shorts as the rest of us, but honestly, they will never, ever turn down yet another totally stylish pair. No one likes to be doing laundry 24/7, and that's just the life of sporty chicks who drench their outfits in sweat on the daily.

These soft and breathable yoga shorts are absolutely adorable, and they come in a variety of gorgeous prints that will turn heads with every deadlift, burpee, and sumo squat.

Sneaker Balls To Keep Stinky Sweat At Bay

Sneaker Balls SOF Sole Shoe, $5, Amazon

I know, I know — there's not much that's "trendy" about these sneaker balls, but the fact is, athletes' gym bags can quickly grow to be repulsively smelly, and no one is going to want to be around anyone (no matter how cute she looks) without these bad boys in tow.

Any athlete will absolutely cherish these gym bag deodorizer balls. Trust me fam, you're going to want to purchase several of these highly necessary stocking stuffers.

An Adorable, Sweat-Resistant Headband
Violet Love

Inspire Headband, $19, Violet Love Headbands

If you're close with an athlete, you've probably seen her frequently fashioning flimsy "headbands" made from athletic tape. Well, the time of year when she deserves an upgrade has officially come around, my friends.

Treat your athletic friend right with this stylish, sweat-resistant headband that will get her through even the sweatiest of training sessions.

Coldscreen For Those Early Morning Alarms

COLDSCREEN 2.7 FL OZ, $20, U°Thermic

If you've ever had an athlete as a roommate, or you've simply known one who's complained about their painfully early wake-up calls, you know the deal with this stuff. Walking from a dorm room to the gym on blisteringly cold winter mornings requires some kind of protection; it's simply a must.

This cold weather protection cream will be an absolute blessing to your athletic BFF as she slays her workouts through the cold months of winter. Hopefully, it'll make those a.m. alarms a little less painful, too.

A Yoga Wheel For Much-Needed Stretching

JBM Yoga Wheel, $19, Amazon

Most athletes have access to a foam roller, but what they may have never tried is a good ol' yoga wheel. This bad boy isn't only for yogis; it's basically for anyone who wants to open up their shoulders, back, and hips — in style, that is.

Athletes' sore muscles will be in absolute heaven with this cylindrical contraption, and like, come on, it's just so pretty.

A Strappy Sports Bra For Low-Key Rest Days
Yoga Outlet

Marika Melody Yoga Sports Bra, $20, Yoga Outlet

Many athletes are known for living, sleeping, and breathing in workout clothes, which means they sometimes need to be reminded that their rest days should be all about comfort.

Invite your BFF to lounge in style with this hot pink, strappy sports bra that's comfy AF and totally unique from the 76 other pairs that she owns.

LED Lights For Athletes Who Love A Late Night Run

4id Power Spurz Orange, $10, Amazon

For the friend who never skips her late-night run, make sure she stays safe with these attachable LED lights that are both weatherproof and totally reliable for her nightly sweat sesh needs.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Goodness To Soothe "Hangry" Athletes

CLIF Nut Butter Filled Chocolate Peanut Butter 12 Pack, $19, CLIF

If you've ever been in the immediate path of a hangry athlete, you know that their wrath is no freaking joke.

Satisfy their cravings with these super delish, oozy, peanut butter-filled CLIF granola bars. They basically taste exactly like a Snickers bar, but are nutritious enough for restoring all the post-workout nutrients.