8 Dogs Dressed Up For Christmas Who Are Incredibly Dapper & Also Up To No Good

by Alexa Mellardo

Confession: I am an actual Christmas nut. I love absolutely everything about the holiday, from seeking out the perfect Christmas tree and decorating it in bling from head to toe, to baking gingerbread cookies and drinking eggnog by the fireplace in my cozy AF long Jane pajamas. Once the day after Thanksgiving hits (heck, even way before that), this chick over here turns into Buddy the Elf. Christmas is, and will forever be, my main jam. If you're in the same boat as me (or sleigh, if you will), you'll certainly agree that along with all of my previous sentiments, one of the happiest moments during this jolly season is seeing dogs dressed up for Christmas.

If you're a dog owner yourself, you've most likely already ordered a selection of Christmas sweaters and festive bows for your furry main squeeze. Let's be real here, they'll be looking way more fly than the rest of us, anyway. There's just something about your pooch around the holidays that brings on an adorable yet mischievous vibe. One minute, they're Santa's little helpers looking all cute and stuff, and the next, they're sneaking peaks at their Christmas presents before they've even been wrapped. But, who could get mad at those sweet faces? In honor of the holiday, here are eight pups who look extremely dapper, but also like they're up to no good (per usual).

This Festive Pup Who Appreciates The Meaning Of Extra (At Its Finest)
Cara Wilson on Twitter

Can we just take one hot sec here to give this pooch’s outfit and digs some much-deserved attention? If I'm being real here, I have to admit I'm pretty jelly, because this bed looks cozy but also decked TF out in the name of the holiday spirit. This pup appreciates the meaning of extra, and we’re obviously here for his enthusiasm.

This Dapper Little Guy In A Suit Jacket
Green Acres Vet on Twitter

Um, I literally cannot even with this cuteness overload. All of the lady pups definitely went wild for this dapper dude's getup. This pup's insane level of swag deserves all the Milk Bones.

This Holi-Bae Who Has A Big Red Bow And He Cannot Lie
alexamellardo on Instagram

OK, I'll admit this festive AF bow looks bigger than this little fur bae. I will also admit I may be a tad (read: completely) biased about this adorbs pup because he’s mine (and also a troublemaker). I'm just a dog mama who’s proud AF of her munchkin and wants to show off his cuteness to the world. Sue me.

This Tiny Reindeer Who Looks Guilty AF
court on Twitter

Whether this reindeer got caught in the act stealing some Christmas cookies or opening presents before Christmas morning, that face defines up to absolutely no good. He's not even hiding it. Santa probably wouldn't even put this little guy on his naughty list though, because he's just too cute for words.

This Jolly Santa's All About That Christmas Dinner
Matt Harisiades on Twitter

I mean, who can blame this Santa though? We're all for feasting Christmas eve, Christmas day, and also for days after (because holiday leftovers always come in clutch). This dog was probably planning his course of attack to pounce on the table behind him.

This Pup's Holiday Sweater Game Deserves All The Gold Stars
shannon on Twitter

Teddy, you and your adorable sweater certainly look like you'd belong on Santa's good list at first glance. But by the looks of the date these pics were tweeted, it would seem as though they were snapped before Christmas, and this little dude seriously looks like he's about to rip open his presents on the extremely early side. We get it, Ted, the surprise element can be way too much to handle. We'll give you a free pass — just don't tell Mom.

The "Official Cookie Tester" Knows What's Up
Doggy Boutique on Twitter

This dog is the real MVP, and quite honestly has the right idea. Baking Christmas cookies is essential to the holiday season, and an Official Cookie Tester truly sounds like a dream job to have in the kitchen. I like your thinking, pooch. Just make sure you leave some sugar cookies for the rest of us.

This Reindeer Who's Rockin' Plaid Perfection
nicole/yung tofu on Twitter

Sure, plaid could be a bit basic, but we're always here for it. This guy's style game is honestly better than most of ours. I'm digging the matching plaid booties, although this pup looks like he's honestly terrified of the thought someone else will have a better outfit at the holiday party.