These Sweet Dried Flower DIYs Will Make That Special Bouquet From Bae Last Forever

Beautiful flowers are blooming all around. I love this time of year, because we're finally seeing that pop of color make an appearance in nature once again. Spring has sprung, and it's the perfect time for a fresh bouquet from bae. As much as you might love getting flowers, it's beyond sad when your bouquet starts to wilt. What once was so beautiful and bringing so much life into your apartment, is now starting to look drab. Luckily, you can make that sweet gift you received from your SO last forever. Get creative with some DIY dried flower crafts. They will definitely bring that special bouquet back to life, making it everlasting.

When I was younger, I used to love pressing the roses in my bouquets after a dance recital. When you frame them, they definitely bring a romantic, elegant, and delicate touch to any room. If framing's not really your style, these eight different ways to decorate with dried flowers are totally unique. Pretty soon, your apartment will look rejuvenated and colorful like spring all of the time. Plus, your bouquet from bae will now last as long as the love between you two, and that's just too sweet. It's time to get crafting!

Bring Some Spring To Your Journal With Dried Flower Accents
Jordan Clark on YouTube

Bring some extra meaning to your journals and letters with some dried flower accents taped on. It looks like one of those fancy notebooks you could buy at a boutique shop, but instead, you made it at home for super cheap. I don't know about you, but having dried flowers in my notebook could actually motivate me to get back into journaling.

This Decoration Is Great For When You Want Your Flowers To Hang Around A Little Longer
Alexis Cologera on YouTube

If your bouquet from bae was a dozen long-stemmed roses, this is the perfect project for you. The best part about this DIY is that after you hang up the roses, you get to decorating it however you'd like. I would definitely add white satin ribbon at the top to give it a romantic feel. Then, when I'm done decorating, I'd hang it against a wall for a pop of color.

This Floral Shadowbox Really Rose To The Occasion
Leslyxc on YouTube

This shadowbox DIY project is just too beautiful. Instead of gluing the dried flowers down flat, they take on a 3D effect. It makes me want to reach out and touch it. If you're making a shadowbox flower design with white or baby pink roses, consider taking it an extra step and get a colored shadowbox frame like this turquoise one from Michaels.

Flower Pendants Are Totally Charming
Pretty DIY Designs on YouTube

Some DIY projects for flowers include resin, which is a great material to fossilize your flowers. This pendant project is perfect if you have a bud or two you don't want to say goodbye to. Make a necklace out of it, and it'll be like bae not only got you flowers, but also jewelry.

This Floral Candle Will Really Light Up Any Room
ThreadBanger on YouTube

Nothing holds a candle to this floral one. As I get older, I'm more obsessed with just having candles around my apartment, so you know I'm always looking to add another one to my collection. This is a great idea to spice up a simple white candle.

Spell Out How Much You Love Your Bouquet With Floral Frames
Kin Community on YouTube

This is another cute way to spice up that generic pressed flower in a frame DIY by creating letters. If your name is short, spell it out with multiple frames to hang side by side. If you have a longer name, just go with your initials. This will look so sweet on your nightstand or on a bookcase in your room. In fact, you can make one in your initial, and one in bae's initial!

Dried Flower Potpourri Is A Scent-sational Idea
Guidecentral English on YouTube

Keep that fresh scent alive in your apartment by turning your bouquet into potpourri. This is also probably one of the easiest DIY projects on this list to create, so it's perfect for the lazy girl who wants to capture the moment forever, but without much effort. All you need to do after drying out your buds is add the right essential oils.

Hold The Phone, Because These Cases Are Beautiful
fingur on YouTube

I'm obsessed with this idea for a dried flower phone case. Seriously though, how unique is this project? You'll literally be reminded of your boo whenever you whip out your phone to text and call them.