8 Amazing Disney Traditions I Have With My Sister That Will Never Grow Old

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Disney has always played a special role in my family. My sister and I grew up watching every single animated movie, belting out songs in the car, and going on family vacations to Disney World. We're Disney fanatics who never lost our love for pixie dust. Even though we live long-distance now, we still make it a point to keep some of our Disney traditions alive. If you have a Disney-loving sister as well, you might want to start of your very own Disney traditions to have with your sister.

The reason why traditions are important is they not only give you something to look forward to, but they can also give you a sense of home. Your sister may have always been your number one partner in crime. She's the Woody to your Buzz and the Timon to your Pumbaa. You've gone from days of dressing up in your princess costumes and prancing around the living room to planning epic adventures to all the Disney parks around the world. You know she's your person forever, so why not start some traditions that'll last just as long?

If you don't already do these eight things with your sister, take a cue from my sister and I. These are the Disney-themed things we do together that have kept us super close over the years.

Always Grab A Mickey-Shaped Treat On The Way Out
Rachel Chapman

At the end of an amazing afternoon spent at Disney with my sister, we stop at the bakery on Main Street for Mickey-shaped treats to take home. My go-to is always a chocolate-covered Rice Krispie Treat. It helps keep the magic of the day going, even if it only lasts the car ride home.

Send Each Other Instagram Posts Of Things To Add To Your To-Do List

I'll proudly admit that the good majority of Instagram accounts I follow are related to Disney. There are the foodies who post every new treat offered at the parks, the sites that post about new attractions, and influencers who rock Disney merch in front of Instagram-worthy walls.

Anytime I see something I have to buy or eat, I immediately send to my sister. We quickly add it to our bucket list, so next time we're in the park, we've got our day all mapped out.

Watch The Same Disney Movies Whenever You're Together

Everyone likely has a Disney movie they would argue is the greatest movie of all time. With so many classics, it can be difficult to pick just one — but you and your sis definitely have a favorite. This is the movie you need to watch over and over again whenever you're having a sister movie night.

Post Throwback Disney Pictures On The 'Gram

You and your sis have so many adorable pics of family vacays to Disney, or even Halloween costumes where you dressed up as your favorite Disney characters. These are the throwbacks that Instagram needs to see. Post as many Disney #TBTs as you can find. (I literally have a folder on my phone dedicated solely to this.)

Recreate The Same Photo Every Time You're At The Park
Rachel Chapman

Snapping a photo in front of the castle is crucial, but that isn't the only cool photo opp that's available at the parks. Find a place that means something special to you and your sis, take a selfie, and recreate that moment every single time you visit. (Fun fact: My sister actually designed a trash can for Disney World once, and now we make it a point to take a pic with it every time we see one.)

See The New Movies Together When They Come Out

Every new Disney movie is a big deal to you and your sister. You've been going to see the latest releases together since you were kids. Either make plans to wait and see them when you're together, or FaceTime each other right after getting out of the movie theatre to discuss.

Count Down When You're Driving Up To The Main Entrance

One of my favorite traditions my sister and I still do is count down as soon as we see those arches at the front of Disney World. My whole family would perk up in our seats when we started nearing the entrance. That's when we would all scream, "10, nine, eight..." until we got down to "one." It hyped us up even more for the epic Disney day we were about to experience.

Eat At The Same Disney Restaurants Every Time You Visit

There are so many amazing restaurants at Disney to choose from, you could try something new every time you visit. But my sister and I love going back to our favorites. It's become a tradition of ours to grab brunch at Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney's Wilderness Lodge whenever I'm back in Florida. (Their eggs Benedict is unreal.)

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