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These Date Ideas To Plan With Your Person Will Hit You In The Spring Fever Feels

The sun is about to come out of hiding, and those oh-so-missed warmer temps are going to be the gateway for those sundresses and open-toed shoes. It's like Mother Nature's reborn period, and you couldn't imagine experiencing this soft and sweet portion of the year without your person. Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy may have coined the "your person" phrase, but you know very well that that bond is all too real. Once the flowers start blooming, you're not holding back on planning dates to go on in spring with your BFF, because taking in all that beauty shouldn't be done alone.

From the outfits and the need to once again be outside, spring allows us to come out of that winter shell we've been sulking in for a few months. You definitely saw your BFF during that time, but the both of you know it was agonizing tailoring your plans to accommodate the weather conditions outside. Well, it's time to dust off the flip-flops and trek to some new adventures with your BFF this spring. Being outside is a given, but there's more than one way to soak up the sun and enjoy some fun activities with your person.

Visit A Botanical Garden
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You don't need to be a plant expert to appreciate all of the nature in a botanical garden. You can see and smell flowers you normally wouldn't, depending on the range of plants the specific botanical garden cultivates. It varies, but you'll always be faced with more plants than you'd find in either of your backyards.

Take An Outdoor Yoga Class
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You can't get any more zen than breathing in the fresh spring air. It's relaxing, and you might even be able to smell some wild flowers when you're in child's pose. The warm rays from the sun might even help you loosen up a bit more, if winter set you back on your yoga outings.

Plan A Picnic
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Yes, it's about to get basic up in here, but who even cares? You never really cherish how amazing parks are until you're plopped on a lush patch of green grass. You're throwing food in the mix with one of your favorite people ever, so there's that, too. Pack a picnic basket with all of the faves, and have fun catching up with your main girl.

Grab Some Goodies At Your Local Farmer's Market
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The farmer's market is this magical place where there are rows and rows of fresh food for you to buy. It's basically what outdoorsy people live for, because many of the items are way better than things you'd usually pick up at the store. Get ingredients for dinner and cook up something yummy.

Explore A New Hiking Trail
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Have you been wanting to hit up a national park, or did you see a new trail while you were driving home from work? It's spring, baby, so why not explore both of them? The only thing better than spring itself is getting out there and being in all of those oh-so-lovely elements.

Get On Every Single Ride At An Amusement Park
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You are never too old to go to the amusement parks. The great part about going when you're older is that you aren't tied in to some school outing and have to be supervised. This means starting when the park just opens until they close, is totally on the table. It's adrenaline time.

Go Strawberry Picking

Strawberries are so yummy, and I have to admit — the ones that taste the best are during the beginning of the fruit's peak season. Picking them yourself will be so much fun. You'll probably be on Pinterest pinning strawberry recipes for you to try when you get home, too. Strawberry shortcake, anyone?

Sip On Fresh Lemonade At Your Nearest Pier
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Don't underestimate the magical euphoria that can be achieved with fresh lemonade and the view from a pier or dock. If you're old enough to drink, you can even search around for an adult lemonade, if you catch my drift. Either way, there's always something to do on the pier and interesting people to meet.

You and your BFF have got to make the most of every beloved thing about spring. Save your breath, though, because those dandelions are waiting.