8 Types Of Hot Tea To Spill With "Your Person," Regardless Of The Time Of Day

"Your person" is privy to basically everything. They're your safe space, and no matter what time of day it is, they are always ready to hear your story or current situation. There are no limits to things to tell your best friend, and even if these things would normally seem outlandish to the average person, "your person" doesn't quite analyze them that way.

That's the blessing about having "your person." It's like your little slice of heaven on earth who just listens to all that you have to say. They don't necessarily tell you that you're right all of the time — thank God — but their ears are always open to your sporadic observations, experiences, and recollections. Seems too good to be true, right?

Well, we aren't complaining about our little blessing in human-form, because ultimately, they're so much a part of who we are. From your love life to your small office beefs, "your person" knows about every detail when there's riff-raff. We can probably never repay them for how open they are to hearing the mini soap operas that are our life, but they definitely know we appreciate it. Even if "your person" is miles away, you instantly call, text, or Email them if any of these things happen.

The Second You Meet An Absolute Dreamy Guy

Meeting that seemingly perfect guy can be super euphoric as hell. The emotions are flowing and the butterflies are flapping almost uncontrollably. Even if you're dialing up "your person" at 2 a.m., they answer with their raspy, half-asleep voice, and are game to listen to your dough-eyed swooning about every single detail.

Any Dating App Nightmares

Look, dating can be very hit or miss. Getting dates through apps can seem instantaneous and fun at times, but having a good date is never guaranteed. Clearly, "your person" already knows who you're linking up and where the two of you went (because safety, duh), but when things go horribly wrong, they are the first to know every horrendous detail.

The Moment You Get Engaged

For most people, their mom is one of the first people they tell about their engagement. If you have "your person" though, they are most likely one of the first people you tell. Unlike your mom, "your person" has probably been there for the relationship since the beginning. Every fight and first "I love you," she was there for that. Also, you need to give her the heads up about being a maid of honor.

When Your Archnemesis Changes Her Style

OK, we can't get along with everyone. That's life. You know how they say keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer? Well, you definitely keep tabs on the chick you don't necessarily vibe with, and when she does a complete 360 to her style, you notice and are probably bouncing around good and evil theories with "your person" about why the sudden change happened.

When The Guy You Like Suddenly Becomes Available

We don't wish any ill will on anyone and their relationship, but if the guy you like suddenly has a single status on Facebook, you aren't mourning his loss. He's up for grabs, and as much as it sucks that he had to go through a breakup, you want to be part of his making up with someone new. Sorry, not sorry.

Hot Gossip About Your Favorite Celeb

Look, we feel for celebrities. It's probably not the best having your entire life out there in the open for everyone to see and hear about, but the breakups, hookups and engagements are interesting to us average Joes. Your favorite celeb is on your radar, and the moment some tea about them surfaces, you're ready to sip it with "your person."

The Second Someone Breaks Your Heart

Breakups are never fun, and if they happen in a heat of rage, your emotions are all over the place and you're left trying to decipher what even happened. Luckily, "your person" is there to break down the details with you. And even if you're a hot mess, not making sense, they always seem to understand exactly what you're trying to say.

When The Person You've Been Crushing On Asks You Out

No matter how old you get, when you like someone and they ask you out, it's exciting as hell. You may have kept your composure in person, but you absolutely lose it when you are reenacting the whole scenario to "your person." And no matter how dramatic and all over the place you are explaining it to them, they are even more excited for you.

"Your person" gets an ear full of everything that happens in your life. It's so comforting to know that your lifeline and confidant is always one call away.