8 Clever Couples Halloween Costume Ideas For The Couple Who’s Witty AF

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If you and your partner are intelligent jokesters, then I don't need to tell you that Halloween is the equivalent of your Olympic games. If there ever was a time to show off your boundless and cutting wit, All Hallows' Eve is it. It's time for you guys to take this year's costumes to the next level. It just so happens that coming up with clever couples costume ideas is a lot easier than you think. All it takes is some creativity and planning, and you and your boo will be the life of the party. We can pretty much guarantee that if you guys can execute a witty costume well, you may very well be taking home the gold at just about every costume contest of the evening.

Although we've compiled this list of some of our favorites, it never hurts to keep your ear to the ground for any groundbreaking pop culture news that could be transformed into some pretty epic Halloween costume fodder. There's a reason puns never get old. Why? Because even when they're tired, they're still pretty punny. OK, maybe not always, but you get the picture. Check out these eight witty costume ideas that are sure to keep your whole crew laughing up a storm.

1. "Sugar" Daddy And "Sugar" Mama

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Perfect witty costume idea for my couples who don't have time to get together a bunch of costume elements. The key to nailing this satisfyingly funny couples costume is all about the props. All you're going to need is a sack of sugar swaddled in a blanket and stuffed in either a stroller or an infant carrier.

2. Guy And Girl Fieri

I chuckled for about five minutes at this one. Who doesn't love Guy Fieri? And honestly, the only thing I could think of that's funnier than dressing up as this decadent food connoisseur, is dressing up as him and his feminine alter ego, Girl Fieri. Why? Because you can. Mr. and Mrs. Fieri are both going to need that trademark spiked blond hair and goatee. If you're going for the classic look, then you're definitely going to want to get your hands on a couple of flame shirts and some mirrored sunglasses.

3. Pigs In A Blanket


For all my super cute couples out there that still want to make a splash at this years Halloween festivities, you should definitely consider this oldie but goodie. All you really need is some pig gear (i.e., snout, ears, tail) and a couple of blankets or sheets. If you don't mind being attached at the hip so to speak, then feel free to use one sheet or blanket and cut out two holes for your heads.

4. Brawny Man And His Paper Towels

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This funny twist on the classic Lumberjack costume is sure to get more than a few laughs. Whichever one of you is going as the lumberjack should make a point of wearing a red flannel shirt and jeans. The person being the paper towel roll might want to consider a white tube dress with the logo adhered to the front. If you're feeling a bit artsy, you could also use big piece of white construction paper and draw on the logo.

5. Paula Dean And Her Favorite Ingredient

Despite Mrs. Dean's questionable verbiage, we can't pretend we haven't all seen her show at least once and been truly floored by the woman's decadence. If anyone ever told you that you could use too much butter, then ol' Paula proved them wrong. Why not dress up at Mrs. Dean and her most beloved ingredient, butta?

If you're trying to throw something together on the fly, then the butter can totally just wear a shirt that says butter. If you want to get elaborate, then don't hesitate to round up some white trash bags for the rapper, a red marker, a cardboard box, and yellow paint, and you're just about an hour away from a pretty legit art piece. Paula needs a blue button-down shirt, white apron, crazy wig, and spatula.

6. Tourists


And I'm not talking about any old tourists. I'm talking about the cargo-short-wearing, fanny-pack-carrying, selfie-stick-swinging kind of tourists that make cutting around Times Square — no real New Yorkers go anywhere near that hell hole if they don't absolutely have to — a literal nightmare. Don't forget your pineapple print bucket hats (which are low-key kind of hip).

7. Kevin Bacon

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Although you are totally allowed to dress up as the real Kevin Bacon, the key to getting maximum brownie points on this one is all in the subtlety.

If "Kevin" is feeling a bit lazy, then he could wear whatever he wants and slap on a Hello my name is... name tag and, you guessed it, write Kevin on that sucker. Side note: They also come in shirts, who knew? "Bacon" can invest in a quality bacon suit that can — but probably won't — be repurposed for years to come. For extra brownie points, please bring a lined backpack full of actual bacon. Your friends will thank you.

8. Deviled Eggs

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OK, OK, this one's a bit cheesy, but in a cute way. Eggs are totally cute. "deviled" eggs are even cuter. And the best part is, there is already a costume for that.

You're now one click away from putting all that what-will-I-be-for-Halloween-to-prove-I'm-funny-but-also-smart-at-the-same-time-induced-IBS behind you. Good luck.

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