8 Christmas Tattoo Ideas That Are A Little Bit Of Naughty & Nice

We all find our own way to mark the holidays. Many of us are diehard Christmas fanatics, which makes it especially difficult to bid farewell to this merry season. If letting go of the holiday has become increasingly harder for you with each passing year, you've likely played around with some Christmas tattoo ideas so that you always carry a piece of it with you.

The jingle bells are still rockin' for now, but like most amazing things, the season has to end so we can welcome a new time. Getting a Christmas tattoo is the literal way to mark your favorite time of the year. Besides, you know how there are so many different character options involved with the very idea of Christmas? Well, there you go. You have a plethora of themes and characters to choose from for your design.

Be cutesy like Rudolf, or edgy like the Grinch. Either way, you'll always be representing a piece of the holiday season, no matter what time of year it is. Make sure that when you're making a list, you are definitely checking it twice, because tattoos are permanent, even if they're naughty or nice. So, if you're looking to have Santa tat you up with some Christmas ink, these ideas are sure to sleigh.

A Merry Mistletoe Design
iamtpomar on Twitter

With this design, you can carry the kissing symbol with you always. Mistletoe is very simple, which should make it fun to experiment with shades of color. Even if you keep it in a classic black and white tattoo, the mistletoe still looks super elegant. Seriously, Merry Kiss-mas.

A Gingerbread Man
sabretattoo on Twitter

Just like the holiday season, we can't chase the gingerbread man forever. Add some color to those gumdrop buttons, or keep it simple and just get the outlining of a gingerbread man. It's bound to turn out yummier than you thought.

These Stunning Snowflakes
tattooviral on Twitter

Snowflakes are incredibly beautiful and unique. No two are exactly the same, and their very nature speaks volumes to how the makeup of humanity is. We all physically come from the same place, for the most part, but we're making completely different marks on the world. Yes, snowflakes bring on all the insightful wisdom, and we're here for this stunning design.

An Entire Winter Landscape
theinkedvegan on Twitter

I mean, who wouldn't want to live in a winter wonderland? Snow and a cabin have Christmas spirit potential to the max. The detail in this particular tattoo is amazing, and if you'd consider getting something like it, you should be incredibly patient. Art like this gem will take some time.

Your Favorite Christmas Ornament
zenbodyart on Twitter

Many of us had that one Christmas ornament we loved putting up and gazing at as it dangled from the tree. No matter where it was placed on the tree, it always seemed to be the brightest thing in the room. Yes, it's that magical to have a favorite Christmas ornament from your childhood.

Santa's Hat
jhewlett on Twitter

OK, a Santa hat may be a little basic, but if you're super hesitant about getting your first tattoo, this small tat isn't too intimidating. You can't go wrong with a Santa hat, and it can be placed in a convenient spot for you to cover it with a shirt or sweater if need be. But let's face it, you can't really hide the spirit of Christmas.

'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Tat
plentytattoo on Twitter

Alright, this is Christmas with a bit of a twist. It's amazing to think that a movie is completely appropriate to watch during Halloween and Christmas. The Nightmare Before Christmas has so many design opportunities as well, so finding an image or character you like won't be too tough.

A Four-Finger Snowman
kellykhamp on Twitter

Talk about a handful of the holidays. This is such an adorable idea if you're into rocking a tattoo on your fingers. Art is art.

A snowman is also super innovative, and can be drawn in different sizes and styles. Make it cute and dainty, or sassy and vibrant like this one.

Decorating your skin with the Christmas spirit will likely never be something you forget. Never let go of that holiday glow.