8 Chrismukkah Party Ideas Your Whole Girl Crew Will Love

Once Halloween is over, holiday parties and endless meals seem to take over almost instantly. The festive season is now upon us, and it can definitely be overwhelming at times. But 'tis the season, and parties bring some of the best memories and fun you'll have this time of year. If you have a big core group of friends, it may sometimes be difficult to coordinate with everyone's different celebrated holidays. If Christmas and Hanukkah are shared in your group of friends, a Chrismukkah party is a must. But how do you exactly come up with some epic Chrismukkah party ideas?

Well, instead of highlighting one or the other, fuse these two beautiful holidays into one to create the fabulousness that is Chrismukkah. A lot of people celebrate Chrismukkah because they honor both traditions. Others use it to have holiday parties among friends who come from the different faiths. You definitely don't want to leave anyone out, which is why festive parties are the best way to go.

So, to get your imaginative gears churning to think about what you want your Chrismukkah theme to be, there are a ton of DIY recipes and crafts to find online. You can change any neutral holiday decoration into one for this party, and make sure to choose a color scheme to keep it fun and festive (some great ones can be white, gold, maroon, blue or red). Here are several ideas to get you going.

White Doily Evergreen Trees
The Domestic Geek, YouTube

Every cold weather place (aka, an ideal winter wonderland) has evergreen trees covered with glistening snow. I mean, what fun are the holidays with no snow? Some may disagree, but it's a staple for sure.

To recreate that feel in your home without the cold snow and with a delicate touch, doily trees are the way to go. Use white, round doilies, skewer sticks, a little styrofoam cone, and marshmallows. This decoration idea is super neutral and super easy, yet it makes for a great centerpiece. Your apartment or house will be decked out in winter white in no time.

Teddy Bear Peppermint Sleighs
Primrose, YouTube

If you want to creatively feed your guests while also killing them with cuteness overload, these teddy bear peppermint sleighs are for you. All you need are peppermint candy canes, mini Milky Ways, and Teddy Graham Crackers. There's no oven involved, too, which is a plus for someone (*cough* me *cough*) who isn't a master in the kitchen. In no time, you will have the cutest edible treat, and your guests will fall in love.

Snowy Candle Holders
IdunnGoddess, YouTube

For this craft, get an empty, crystal clear candle holder, salt, and a tea candle, and you have a fast way to make a standard piece just that much more festive. If you want to be extra artsy and creative, make miniature decorations for inside the holder (make sure it's far enough away from the actual candle so there aren't any fire hazards). Also, you can use silver sharpie to make the outside festive as well with little snowflakes.

Rice Krispie Trees
Primrose, YouTube

How to make a timeless snack all the more useful for the holidays? Dye it green! Make some edible trees with a simple Rice Krispies recipe and use food coloring to finish off the treat. While this is a "Christmas" DIY, you can easily make it into whatever you want — keep the green with red sprinkles, but also add blue ones, and you can even have powdered sugar to look like snow.

Festive Sweater Vases
The Domestic Geek, YouTube

To keep with the warm and cozy Chrismukkah party theme, grab some vases and some festive tights, or thick argyle or winter-patterned socks. Cut the ends off, and slide them over the vase you have. You can display flowers, drinking straws, or utensils in it for another great table decor. You can also do this with your glass cups (or mason jars are always a good go-to with drinking ware).

The Domestic Geek, YouTube
Melted Snow People Cookies
MissRemiAshten, YouTube

For these fun and totally delicious treats, you'll need sugar cookie mix (from a tube or otherwise), white cookie icing, and marshmallows (along with any other garnishments you want). Let the frosting be messy (which is easy, of course), and place one big marshmallow on it for the snow person's head. Add eyes, arms, and buttons for that added effect (and laugh).

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes
MissRemiAshten, YouTube

Another mason jar activity (again, because you clearly can't escape these things), allows you and your guests to customize your very own snow globes. Use the jars and caps, water, and then (most likely) glitter. You can add laminated pictures, and put little holiday beads in there as well. You can also make some that are Hanukkah-themed and others that are Christmas-themed to embrace Chrismukkah even more.

"Snow"-Covered Pinecones
IdunnGoddess, YouTube

Last but not least, this is an activity that we have been doing since we were young. It's also easy and the materials won't break the bank. Collect some pinecones and drench them in glue. Salt will give off the best snow effect on these, so you can roll them in some of that. You can also use white paint, to really create that winter wonderland vibe.