8 Champagne Birthday Cakes That'll Make Your Celebrating That Much More Lit


For anyone who says as you get older, birthdays aren't that big of a deal, clearly just isn't thinking right. You can still throw the most epic ragers for your birthday at any age. The most important thing you need is a great cake. The cake really takes a regular party, and makes it a celebration. You also need a birthday cake that goes with the theme of the party or the guest of honor, so if you love champagne, you should consider some champagne birthday cakes to make, so that your special day is extra lit.

Some of these cakes taste like champagne or look like a bottle of your favorite bubbles. Either way, you know your party will pop with a champagne cake. If you need some inspiration, here are eight cake recipes to follow along with. They're all easy to make, so you can totally whip one up at home.

You're celebrating another year of this earth being graced by your presence, so it calls for a toast, or in this case, a slice of cake. And the candles won't be the only thing that are lit with this cake around. If you do decide to go with a champagne cake, don't forget to save me a slice, because I'll seriously be right over in a Prosecco.

Strawberry Champagne Cake
TatyanasEverydayFood on YouTube

We all know strawberries go great with some champagne, so you also know that this three-layered strawberry champagne cake will be downright delicious. Garnish the cake with some chocolate-covered strawberries to complete the look. Strawberries, chocolate, and champagne are three great friends you definitely need to invite to your birthday party.

Champagne Ice Bucket Cake
EyeSea DoughNuts on YouTube

This is such a fun idea for a cake. The champagne ice bucket looks super impressive, but you can really make this gem in your own kitchen. The clear mints that look like ice cubes really sell it all, too. Your friends won't believe that it's a cake, but once you slice into it, they'll love it even more.

Rosé Champagne Cupcakes
The Scran Line on YouTube

Sometimes, setting up cupcakes on a pretty pedestal is the way to go for a birthday party. These rosé cupcakes are truly great for your party if you want your guests to grab one as they're dancing. And if you want to switch it up, you can also use non-alcoholic cider for this recipe instead of rosé for your guests who aren't 21 and older.

Champagne And Funfetti Cake
historiasdelciervo on YouTube

I think everyone can agree that funfetti is delicious, which is why you can't go wrong with making a funfetti cake for your birthday. The video tutorial shows how you can decorate a champagne and funfetti cake with vanilla bean buttercream like a professional. It looks like something straight out of a Marie Antoinette's cake dream.

Champagne Bottle Cake
Jenna Ezarik on YouTube

Take a regular box cake to make a champagne bottle cake that coincides with the bubbly theme. All you'll need is a bottle-shaped cake pan like this one from Bed Bath & Beyond. Then, decorate your champagne bottle cake to make it look especially lit.

Champagne Cake With Frosted Grapes
Hallmark Channel on YouTube

This is the perfect cake for you if you're broke AF, and can't spend an enormous amount of money on your birthday cake. It'll only cost you about $20.

This recipe is intended for a wedding cake, but you can totally serve this at your birthday party. The frosted grapes on top are a perfect garnish to really make this champagne cake stand out.

Pink Champagne Cake
Janie's Sweets on YouTube

If you're truly thinking pink for your birthday, you need this pink champagne cake. The gold macaroons and pink popcorn decor on the cake make it unique and perfect for the 'Gram. Yes, please.

Blackberry Peach Champagne Mousse Cake
TatyanasEverydayFood on YouTube

If you're really looking for something out of the box, you should try making a mousse cake instead of a regular cake. This mousse cake recipe is also super fruity with blackberries and peaches. You can't go wrong with a combination of fruit and champagne.