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These Boo Basket Ideas For Your Niece Deserve A Cool Aunt Award

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It's no secret that you're proud of your “cool aunt” title. You’d do absolutely anything for your niece, because she means the world to you. From coming up with the coolest matching Halloween costumes to the best boo basket ideas for your niece, you're always on your A-game. Whether you’re nearby or celebrating virtually this year, you can make sure your niece has everything she needs to do Halloween right with a basket stuffed with treats.

Not only is it necessary to fill up your niece’s basket with her favorite sweets, but you can also surprise her with things that speak to her personality. Take inspo from what you like to do together. For example, if your niece loves to play dress-up, make sure your favorite kid has an epic Halloween costume, complete with the coolest accessories. If she likes to experiment in the kitchen with you, send over some goodies so she can enjoy her favorite Halloween treats. You can even make the ultimate movie night boo basket so your niece can stream classics like Casper and Hocus Pocus in a magical tent hideaway.

It's time to get creative and draw inspo from any of these eight boo basket ideas for nieces. Whatever you end up putting together will surely put a smile on her face.

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The "My Halloween Costume Is The Coolest" Basket

For a princess who likes to dress up, consider filling a boo basket with Halloween costume essentials. Include a glittery pumpkin dress ($12, and a light-up witch's broom (not for children under three; $12, Make sure she's got a DIY Halloween bracelet kit (ages eight and up; $20, for accessorizing and a play makeup set (not for children under three; $20,

The "All Treats, No Tricks" Basket

Treat your favorite kid to a boo basket of Halloween baking essentials. A master baker like herself should be able to look the part with an adorable pumpkin apron ($16, She might also love these spooky skull measuring spoons ($11, For the main attraction of this boo basket, include a haunted house cookie kit ($10, Your niece will likely have so much fun putting it together and decorating.

The "Backyard Fall Festival" Basket

Give your niece everything she needs to have a fall festival right in her own backyard. She'll need the coolest carnival games like a pumpkin bucket toss (not for children under three; $10,, an adorable bean bag toss (not for children under three; $6,, and a mummy bowling kit (suggested for ages three and up; $10, Be sure to also include decorations like a Halloween banner ($3,, and prizes such as bubble wands (not for children under three; $1, for the winners.

The "Spooktacular Crafts" Basket

DIY a basket that's filled with crafts and supplies. You can include some classics such as colored pencils ($14,, colorful felt ($22,, and markers ($40, in every shade. Keep it all organized in a personalized glow-in-the-dark pencil case ($7, That way, she's ready for her next project, which could be this color your own haunted house (suggested for ages five and up; $10,

The "Keeping Up With Halloween Traditions" Basket

Share your fave Halloween traditions with your niece, but with a fun twist. Send her paint ($20, and mini pumpkins so she can decorate her very own jack-o-lanterns. For trick-or-treating fun, include these mini pumpkins filled with toys (not for children under three; $5, and candy for a Halloween scavenger hunt.

Round out this boo basket with festive decor like cozy felt pumpkins ($7, and poseable skeletons ($20, to transform her home into a haunted one.

The "Purrfect Black Cat" Basket

Is your niece a cat lover? Well, 'tis the season of the black cat, so fill up her basket with tons of adorable toys like a Binx plush ($17, shopDisney) and a cat book ($7, Include everything she needs to dress the part, too, like a cat ear and tutu set (not for children under three; $15, paired with embroidered cat ballet flats ($15,

The "Disney Magic" Basket

Make your niece's boo basket as magical as possible by putting Disney goodies inside. Include a festive Mickey shirt ($24,, a Cinderella pumpkin decorating kit (not for children under three; $10,, and a Minnie Mouse glow-in-the-dark bag (ages three and up; $15, for trick-or-treating. If you truly want to treat your niece, include everything she needs for a Disney princess costume ($30,

The "Ultimate Movie Night" Basket

There are so many good Halloween movies to watch, so give your niece a movie boo basket with all the essentials. A Halloween blanket ($10, can be used for keeping your niece super cozy or as coverage on a blanket fort. Throw a ghost pillow ($18, and a comfy PJ set ($10, in for the comfiest viewing experience. Don't forget a monster mash popcorn bucket ($30, for snacks.