8 Best 'Grey's Anatomy' Moments That Prove Your Coworkers Are Literally Family

When you spend most of your days with the same people, you grow super close. That's probably why you view some, if not most, of your coworkers like they're part of your family. Not only are you spending a bunch of time with them every single week, but you're growing together and working on one ultimate goal. Even when they piss you off or you have different points of view on a particular project, you still care about them immensely, just like the doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital on Grey's Anatomy. You could even see that some of the best Grey's Anatomy moments prove your coworkers are not only best friends, but they're family as well.

When you go through as much drama, love, and loss as Meredith Grey and her team go through, you're bound to become super close. Sometimes you're spending at least 40 hours a week with the same humans, so if you're not looking out for each other and laughing over inside jokes by the water cooler, it can be a pretty draining lifestyle. Needless to say, round up your coworkers ASAP, because when you re-watch these eight amazing moments on Grey's Anatomy, you'll most likely find yourself and your crew hardcore relating to them.

The Squad's Drunken Happy Hour Hangs
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You know your coworkers are more than just coworkers when you make plans outside of work. Maybe you always hit up a local bar for happy hour, like the doctors in Grey's Anatomy do.

When you see some drunken bar hangs like this moment with Dr. Bailey, you'll be reminiscing about all of the good times you shared with your coworkers.

When Cristina Tried To "Talk Girl"
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Sometimes, when it comes to friends and family, you take one for the team... even if that means trying out something you're not used to. Cristina was more of a robotic person on the regular, but she attempted to "talk girl" in order to help Alex out in this scenario.

When The Crew Danced Together In Celebration
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Your family celebrates your biggest accomplishments in life. When a coworker is pregnant or gets married, you'll probably throw a little office party to celebrate, or pass around a sweet congratulations card. You could even take a cue from the doctors on Grey's Anatomy and dance it out to celebrate.

When Bailey Assigned Meredith Chief Of General Surgery
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You lean on your family for support. You've probably asked a coworker to help you out on a difficult task, just like you would ask a family member for help. You appreciate the support, and acknowledge it like Bailey did when she assigned Meredith as Chief of General Surgery.

When They Used Bailey's Five Rules For The New Interns
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You carry on family traditions and rules. In a similar way, Meredith and the team passed down Bailey's rules to the new set of interns. You most likely cherish everything you were taught by an incredible supervisor like Bailey, and then pass tips down to anyone below you in a similar way.

When Cristina Told Meredith That She's Her 'Person'
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This was an iconic moment in Meredith and Cristina's relationship. It's the moment they went from being just coworkers to being each other's key people in life.

You might have a best friend at work, and they mean so much more to you than anyone else. You depend on each other to get through the work days (through venting and gossiping), and they essentially know everything there is to know about you.

When The Interns Helped Alex Study
Norah Sams on YouTube

At work, you're a team, and that means no man left behind. Watching the other interns when they helped Alex study showed us all that they truly cared about each other. You'd never want to see your coworkers fail either, so you're always game to help out a friend in need.

When Meredith And Cristina Danced It Out
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After a stressful day at work, you know exactly what will help your coworkers feel better. This could be going out for a couple of beers, or surprising them with some homemade chocolate chip cookies. For Cristina and Meredith, their go-to thing was dancing it out, and we love it so much.