6 Things We Learned About Sisters From Meredith & Her Sisters On 'Grey's Anatomy'

Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy went most of her life not knowing she had a sister, to then having three of them. If you have a sister, you know how much they can impact your life on the regular. A sis is basically like a best friend you're born with. You can also inherit a sister through marriage, and that bond is just as strong and beautiful. A sisterhood is undeniably special, and there are definitely some things you learn about sisters from Grey's Anatomy.

Sisters teach you so much about life and relationships, especially if you're the little sis. They are true confidants you can trust with your entire life. My sister is the only person who knows all of my secrets, and I know in my heart that she will take them to the grave.

If you have an amazing sister of your own, I advise you to watch Grey's Anatomy with her and immerse yourself in the relationship that Meredith has with her sisters. You'll definitely find yourself saying, "They're just like us."

Even if you don't have a sister of your own, you can begin to understand that unique kind of relationship. Meredith didn't know she had a sister for a good chunk of her life, and she had to learn what it meant to have one the moment Lexie walked into Seattle Grace. It's as if we're all learning what it's like to have a sister at the same time as Mer from these six moments in Grey's Anatomy that shine a spotlight on Meredith, Lexie, Maggie, and Amelia.

They Care About Your Relationships
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Just like Meredith was concerned when Lexie started seeing Alex, you're also weary when your sister starts dating someone new. You know your sister is a queen who deserves the world, and anyone who will give her less than that, will simply not cut it.

You're the one who helps her cope with every heartbreak, and she does the same for you. You know her type and her dating history, so you're always there to remind what is right for her when she needs it most.

They Keep You Grounded
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If you need to snap back to reality, your sister is there to pull the rug out from underneath you (in the best way possible, of course). She will forever keep you grounded, and for that, you are beyond grateful.

She's there to keep you on track when you're going off course, and she also keeps you humble. She knows all of your business, and isn't afraid to remind you of it.

They Make You Feel Better When You Feel Like Your World Is Crumbling
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When Lexie was overwhelmed, Meredith assured her that she is not "crazy," she's just "a Grey." Your sister knows just what to do to help calm your nerves when you feel stressed TFO, because she's been there, too.

Even When You're Fighting, You're Her Person
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Even when you're upset and maybe not on the best terms with your sister, you still love her. You will be there for her in whatever way she needs. You're basically each other's person.

Your person is your other half who makes you whole. No little argument will stop you from being there for your sis.

It's Always Sisters Before Misters
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You may fight over a guy, or you're upset that your sister is spending too much time with her boyfriend, but at the end of the day, you will always choose your sister before anyone else. You may be upset, but you forgive her, because she is your sister. Some guys may come and go, but your sister is forever.

They Will Always Take Care Of You
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It was a little different at Seattle Grace, because every one of Meredith's sisters was also a doctor. But, even if your sister doesn't have a PhD, she will be there to take care of you. When you are down, she helps you back up. No matter what it is -- from the worst winter cold ever, to dealing with heartache -- your sister is there, no questions asked.