7 Meredith & Alex Moments From 'Grey's Anatomy' That Make Us Have Hope In True Love

We were all completely devastated when McDreamy passed away in Grey's Anatomy. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd were the perfect couple who made us believe in true love, but maybe that wasn't the only true love for Mer. What if she's also meant to be with her best friend, Alex Karev? It seems as though a lot of fans have been shipping it for quite some time, and we're here for it. I mean, who has never failed to be there for our Meredith throughout the course of the series? He has always been a true constant in her life, and let's face it, we see the love brewing there in the best Meredith and Alex moments from Grey's Anatomy.

We all want our partner in life to be our best friend anyway, so it just makes perfect sense that these two are soulmates. Sure, they both have had separate great loves and loss that would make us hesitant in shipping them at first. However, over the course of the series, Alex and Meredith have always been there for each and continue to be there, even after everyone else leaves. That, my friends, is true love. Stop toying with our hearts, Shonda Rhimes, and just give our "dark and twisty" girl a forever kind of a love that will never, ever leave.

When Alex Wanted To Have Waffle Sundays
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This may simply sound like eating waffles on a Sunday, but waffle Sundays mean so much more than that, especially coming from Alex. When Alex was afraid he might be going away for awhile, he wanted to make waffle Sunday a tradition with Meredith, her kids, Amelia, and Maggie. I know I personally would only want to plan indefinite waffle Sundays with my soulmate.

When Meredith And Alex Talked About True Love
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Alex and Meredith make us all believe in Mer's second shot at true love, and this adorable moment further backs up the point. This particular scene had us hardcore rooting for the duo to get together. Maybe they were totally oblivious to the fact that their true love is laying right next to them, but we're never giving up hope at the possibility.

When Alex Comforted Meredith After Her Heartbreaking Attack At The Hospital
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Alex comforted Meredith and was right by her side after a patient attacked her at the hospital. He tried to be there for Mer the best he could, and he was even able to get her laughing. This moment was especially great, because it proved that Alex is truly the best person for Meredith. He took a serious, traumatizing situation and helped Mer get through the pain.

When Alex Took Over The Role Of Meredith's "Person"
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When Cristina left Meredith, there was a gaping hole in her heart. "Her person" was no longer with her on the regular, and we all cried into our pillows at night. Cristina was the one best friend Meredith could always count on and vent to, and although she was still important to Mer, Alex resumed the role. I mean, he was basically doing the job already and killing it.

When Meredith Kicked Jo Out Of Bed To Talk To Alex
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There must be some unwritten rule that Meredith's need for Alex comes before anyone else's. Jo basically gave up fighting Meredith when she needed to get in the bed to talk to Alex. That's pretty wild to think about, but Alex and Mer's relationship has always been too strong to stand in the way of. Nothing will stop Meredith from talking to her BFF, even if Jo was pretty pissed about it.

When Alex Told Meredith She Could Take Out Her Frustrations On Him
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Alex comforted Meredith after a bad surgery. He let her know that if she was really mad and wanted to hit and scream, she could take it all out on him. You need that in a partner — someone who will let you freely vent your feelings, and be a support system when you're having the worst day ever.

When Alex And Meredith Drank Tequila On The Floor
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Tequila plays an important role throughout the series for Meredith. Needless to say, watching Mer and Alex share a bottle of tequila on the floor means so much more than just two friends casually drinking.

This was the moment when Alex really proved that he was going to be Meredith's person. He took over as her go-to support system when her world felt like it was crumbling to the ground. Bless you, Alex Karev.