8 Childhood Memories You Can Thank Your Cousins For Making Them Extra Special

Cousins are like extra siblings you're beyond blessed to have in your life. Childhood is marked with how much time you all spent together, because when it comes to cousins — the more, the merrier. And since they are such a dope part of your family and all, you have to really sit back and comprehend the best childhood memories you can thank your cousins for, because they're embedded in so many.

Like our siblings, your parents don't have to teach you how to love and bond with your cousins. They're your birthright BFFs who experience so much of your childhood right by your side. When you and all of your cousins get together, it's practically a time capsule of awesome things you've done together.

You never stop needing your cousins, and if you think childhood was incomparable, experiencing your 20s with them is even more phenomenal. It all starts from the roots, though — and when you are reminiscing or explaining a time from when you were a kid, your cousins are strolling down memory lane with you. They were involved in so much, and they give that whole "ride or die" phrase a whole new meaning. You and your cousins may be older now, but there's a handful of childhood memories that are abundantly special because they were there.

Your Birthday Parties
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As a kid, you never really worried about people not showing up to your birthday parties if you had cousins. You probably didn't even mind if they were the only ones who came. Blowing out the candles and getting a sugar high on cake frosting was seriously the best with them around.

The Long Drives During Family Vacations
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Family vacations were a total blast, but those long drives would have been so much more tormenting without your cousins buckled in next to you. Driving games were a must, and planning all of the things you were going to do once you arrived at your destination, kept all of you excited and pumped the whole time. Cousins are magnificent road trip buddies.

The Days At Summer Camp

Going to summer camp with your cousins not only eased the anxiety of not knowing anyone, but they made it so much more fun. Even if you didn't have the same cabin, seeing their familiar faces opened you up and made you comfortable. You always had at least one swimming partner for down at the lake, too.

Sunday Afternoons At Your Grandparent's House
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There was never a dull moment with your grandparents when you were running around their place with your cousins. Having you all there made your grandparents happy, and together you made everlasting memories with them. Getting a healthy dose of those savory, one-of-a-kind recipes from your grandparents, also made those afternoons worthwhile.

Beach Days
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Building sand castles, boogie boarding, and running up to the ice cream truck made up an ideal beach day with your cousins. You may have even had matching bathing suits because synchronized beach attire was everything. Running along the shoreline or collecting seashells isn't ever the same without them — no matter how simple it may seem.

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Your aunt's pie and a half-baked plot with your cousins regarding how you were going to sneak a piece of said pie, were signs that it was Thanksgiving. They helped you subside all of those hungry thoughts and yielded your time to something more distracting. When it was time to eat though, the designated kid table was the place to be.

Sleepovers In Your Living Room Forts
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Cousins are the greatest sleepover companions of all time. You never had to worry about overly impressing anyone. Now, you were still at their will if you were the first to fall asleep, but it was all in good fun. Those forts were legendary, and it hurt you all a little bit when you had to take them down.

Raiding Your Entire Closet And Playing Dress-Up
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When you wanted to channel Cinderella and Minnie Mouse, you all were rummaging through your closet and old costumes. Your imaginations turned you into all kinds of people, and prancing down that make-believe runway was essential. A variation of this still exists, now that you're older and love to shop.

Your cousins made your childhood so much more memorable just by their presence. Sure, they're hands-down your BFFs — but they will always be family, too.