8 Beauty Gifts Sets Under $10 That'll Blow Your Mind, Not Your Wallet

Buying gift sets always works out in your favor. You receive multiple things in one sweet little bundle, and when it comes to beauty products, more is never really a bad idea. That's why finding beauty gift sets under $10 is basically a heaven sent sign that beauty products are some of the greatest purchases ever.

There's a special one for every lady in your life, so don't feel bad if you happen to find yourself with a bunch of different sets. You can't beat the price, and you probably waited until the very last minute to get a few of those Secret Santa gifts around the office. These beauty sets will save you the trouble of worrying, and the receiver of your gift will be so stoked to try out the products and tools.

Luckily, more than one manufacturer of beauty products knows the demand for innovative sets like these, so you can snag goodies from some well-known places. I mean, I'm not knocking the places that aren't super name brand, but most of us sort of sway towards the popular names when purchasing our go-to makeup products. If you have last-minute shopping to do for a handful of ladies in your life and you're stuck on what to do, there's an affordable beauty gift set for that.

"Pep Your Pout" Clinique Gift Set

Pep Your Pout, $9, Sephora

First of all, Clinique inevitably carries amazing products, and you can't go wrong with any of its essentials. Those colder months can definitely dry our lips, so gifting a lip product will go a long way. Soft, moisturized lips are in their future.

Vanilla Chai Tea Treat Box

Vanilla Chai Tea Treat Box, $10, Ulta

Vanilla smells overly amazing, so smearing it on your skin in any form is totally worth it. We also all know the Body Shop has been moisturizing our skin with potent fragrances since day one. Be prepared to get a huge bear hug from whoever you gift this gem to.

On-The-Go Lip Cream Kit

On-The-Go Lip Cream Kit, $7, Ulta

Lip cream is so moisturizing, and many times you don't have to worry about continuously reapplying it. You can't beat this three-in-one set. I mean, who doesn't genuinely love having options for lip colors?

Maybelline Mascara And Eyeliner Kit

Maybelline Curvitude Mascara & Eyeliner Kit, $9, Ulta

Present one of your favorite ladies with the gift of allowing them to perfect the sharpest wing shape with their eyeliner. We all know how fierce us ladies feel when our eyeliner is so on point, it almost doesn't seem fair. And you, my friend, can be a key component to someone's fierceness.

'Harry Potter' Makeup Brush Set

Harry Potter Make-Up Brush Metal Magic Wings Eye Shadow Brush Beauty Tools, $9, Walmart

OK, if your friend is a Harry Potter fan who also loves makeup, this gift couldn't get any more perfect. Honestly, Harry Potter-themed anything is worth purchasing. Maybe it's the little hopeful wizard in all of us, but we're incredibly here for this metal magic brush set.

Define Brows Palette

Profusion Cosmetics Define Brows Palette, $10, Target

Brows are so important. They come in all different shapes and sizes, which is why you should gift someone the ability to pinpoint their ultimate shape. Brows may seem like a simple line of hair on our faces, but they can surely slay like it's no one's business.

Burt's Bees Everyday Essential Beauty Set

Burt's Bees Everyday Essential Beauty Gift Set, $10, Target

Burt's Bees sure knows how to treat our skin with the utmost care. Lips and your skin receive a mini pampering session when you bless them with Burt's Bees products. Soft skin for the win.

Unicorn Makeup Brushes

Soft Makeup Brushes Face Eyes Cosmetic Tools Foundation Eyeshadow Brush Set, $9, Walmart

The unicorn theme has made its way into everything. We are here for the soft color blends, and the pattern of the unicorn horn is just so adorable. If you have a friend who is all about the love of unicorns, they'll be ecstatic to get their hands on these gems.

Beauty products are not only easy to buy — they cater to the TLC we love to award ourselves with. Gifting anything involved with beauty will always be the gift that keeps on giving.