8 Awkward Moments Guys Had With Girls They Liked That'll Definitely Make You Cringe


If I could describe my flirting style in one word and one word only, it would be "awkward." You see, I am many things. Funny? Sure! Weird? You bet! Cute? According to some, yes! The one thing I'm most definitely not? Sexy. And no, I don't mean it in a pitiful, feel-bad-for-me sort of way. I just mean I don't have that kind of sexiness that makes people successful flirts. But it turns out I'm not the only one. One recent Reddit thread highlighted the awkward moments guys had with girls they liked, and these stories will make you feel like the Michael Jordan of getting your flirt on.

From the guy who spilled a latte on his jeans and had to wait as the milk in his latte curdled on there to the guy who made things so awkward with his work crush that she had to switch jobs, these stories may make you cringe, but they'll definitely make you feel better about some of your own awkward encounters.

His friend totally salted his game with a new girl.


Their kayaking instructor put him in a tough spot.


He was so awkward that it made her leave her job.


He spilled a latte on his jeans, and the milk started to curdle.


He thought they were on a date, only to find out she had a boyfriend.


They met when he lunged his body into her locker.


He had the most awkward comeback to her line.


He had a classic case of a drunk text.


All right, now, tell me you don't feel better about your own flirting skills.

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