Guys Reveal The Moments They Totally Didn't Realize A Girl Was Flirting With Them

by Candice Jalili

I'll admit it. Women can be complicated, but for every complicated woman out there, there's a man who's too simple for his own good... so simple that he's COMPLETELY missing a woman's blatant signals that she's flirting with him.

Take these men who responded to a recent Reddit thread, for example.

The prompt asked them to share stories of times a woman was coming onto them, and they didn't realize it, and their responses are, well... they're pretty freaking cringeworthy.

Read along for yourself as these guys share the painfully awkward tales of times girls were essentially throwing themselves at them, and they had literally no idea:

She showed him her clit piercing, and he thought it was just NBD.

She talked to him for MONTHS, and he just let it fizzle.

She slyly suggested they grab some condoms, and it completely went over his head.

She told him she loved him MULTIPLE times, and he didn't think anything of it until years later.

She gave him her number, and he didn't even think to use it.

She kissed him multiple times, and he thought she was just being friendly.

She stuck around during a BOMB THREAT just to hang out with him, and he still wasn't sure if it meant anything.

She told him he was beautiful, and he walked away.

She told him he was the cutest boy in their class, and it took him three years to realize that meant something.

She was asking all sorts of questions about his hip-hop group and he just gave her his instructor's info.

Yeah, I really hope you're cringing as hard as I am right now.