77 Girl Squad Names For Your Crew, Because It's About Time You Chose One

Whenever you see "squad goals" posted on someone else's Instagram pic, you wonder if that group has ever actually met your best friends. You know deep down that your crew is the real definition of squad goals. You love your friends so much, that your group chat is constantly lighting up with notifications, and when you're not together, you're planning your next hang. So far, you've only ever referred to them as your best friends, but I think it's about time you finally upgraded to the girl squad names level.

If you think of some of the most well-known girl squads of all time, they had nicknames that people referred to them as. I'm talking about The Plastics from Mean Girls and the Pink Ladies from Grease. You know your squad deserves a fun name as well. You could even use your new nickname to label your group chat, use as a hashtag for all of your group selfies, or even get matching T-shirts for your weekend getaway. (Yes, your bond to these amazing humans is that serious.)

Sometimes, a group name comes naturally from an inside joke you share, or a reference from your favorite TV show or movie. But, if you need a little inspiration, here are 77 girl squad names that you and your friends can sort through.

1. We Slay All Day

2. The Not-So-Salty Friendchip

3. The Bae-Goals

4. The Taco Belles

5. Mermaid To Be Friends

6. Tequila Mockingbirds

7. Dumbledore's Army

8. The Not-So-Shady Beaches

9. Chicks With Kicks

10. The Grapeful Girls

11. The Gourdgeous Girls

12. The Emperor's New Crew

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13. Ski Patrol

14. The Lost Girls

15. Destiny's Children

16. The Big Dill Crew

17. The Pizza Partners

18. The Loft Mates

19. Berry Cool Crew

20. Hap-Bey Baes

21. The Fineapples

22. The Waffle Lot

23. Brunch Crew

24. The Peachy Queens

25. Swan Goals

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26. Souper Friends

27. Teariffic Friends

28. The Match Mates In Heaven

29. Cerealsly The Best

30. Space Babes

31. The Meme Team

32. Super Girls

33. The Pawsome Party

34. Latte Love

35. The Cowbelles

36. Fly Girls

37. The Bumble-Beys

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38. Awesome Blossoms

39. The Support Bras

40. The Ladybugs

41. The Fintastic Crew

42. The Lots Of Lavas

43. Lil' Rascals

44. Soul Sisters

45. The American Idols

46. Artistocat Ladies

47. Beast Friends

48. Mugnificent Crew

49. Gouda Friends

50. Purrfect Friends

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51. Chick Clique

52. Best Fries Forever

53. The Pack

54. The Cover Girls

55. The Cherry Best

56. The Gemini Twins

57. The Beast Teas

58. Dino-Mite Crew

59. The Squad Ghouls

60. Eggcellent Squad

61. The Best Buds

62. The Beaches

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63. No Otter Crew

64. The Pretty In Pinks

65. Some Bunnies

66. The Main Squeezes

67. The Spuds

68. The Damn-Delions

69. The Gilmore Girls

70. The Unicorny Friends

71. Feline Good Crew

72. The Pretty Little Liars

73. The Sweet Potatoes

74. The Pho Real Friends

75. Lunar Ladies

76. Witchy Women

77. The Firebirds