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Group of friends who'd need cool group chat names for their group text conversations.

95 Cool Group Chat Names For Your Exclusive BFF Convo

Only VIPs allowed in this chat.

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Checking in with your besties is something you do almost daily. Whether you’re sending hilarious TikToks back and forth, showing off your OOTDs, or just chatting because you’re bored, your group chat is like the MVP of your squad. As MVP, you need to give your text convo one of these cool group chat names. After all, it isn’t an official group chat until you’ve christened it with a solid group chat name.

Some of the most popular friend groups in movies and TV shows have cool group names, like The Golden Girls, the Heathers in Heathers, and the Plastics in Mean Girls. It’s not just about finding a cool group chat name, either. You have to pick out the right name for your specific crew. It should be a name you’re proud of and something that totally matches your chat’s vibe. For instance, if you’re always planning your next hang, you may want to go with a group chat name that plays on your party side. If your convo is instead filled with your daily horoscopes or memes about astrology, you may want to go with some cool group chat names that align with your birth charts. There’s even some punny group chat names on this list that are cool for friends with a great sense of humor and basically have the same TikTok FYP.

Since you know your friends better than anyone else, you know just which of these 95 cool group chat names will get everyone excited. Once you have your name updated in the chat, you’re ready to get back to texting non-stop.

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  1. Friendchips And Guac
  2. You Can’t Text With Us
  3. The Chamber Of Secrets
  4. Members Only
  5. Olive My Crew
  6. Gossip Girls
  7. Our Coven
  8. Secret Circle
  9. The Heathers
  10. The Plastics
  11. On Wednesdays, We Text
  12. Besties For The Resties
  13. Smooth Like Butter
  14. Spilling The Tea
  15. Tea Time
  16. We Make Pour Decisions
  17. Sliding Into Our DMs
  18. Dream Team
  19. Taylor Swift’s Squad
  20. The Burn Book
  21. The Stars Align
  22. Insert Cool Name Here
  23. My Best Teas
  24. Ketchup With My Crew
  25. Bae-Goals
  26. 50 Shades Of Slay
  27. Mermaid To Chat
  28. Dino-Mite Crew
  29. Hakuna Moscato
  30. TikTalking
  31. Feline Good
  32. Mistakes Were Made
  33. Moon Club
  34. Cosmically Correct
  35. Lunar Layers
  36. Keeping Up With The Krew
  37. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  38. Sisterhood Of The Traveling Texts
  39. The Clique
  40. The Meme Team
  41. My Chosen Family
  42. Charlie’s Angels
  43. The Golden Girls
  44. Dr. Drake and the Ramorays
  45. Full House
  46. Astro Circle
  47. Dancing Queens
  48. Pretty Little Liars
  49. My Ride Or Dies
  50. The A-Team
  51. Coffee Crew
  52. Let’s Take This Offline
  53. 2 Cool 4 School
  54. Quad Squad
  55. The Chosen Ones
  56. Where’s The Party
  57. The Party Don’t Start ‘Til We Walk In
  58. The Weekenders
  59. We Who Shall Not Be Named
  60. The Fast And The Serious
  61. Squad Ghouls
  62. My Gouda Friends
  63. Team Britney
  64. Cool Name Pending...
  65. Smells Like Team Spirit
  66. My Lucky Charms
  67. Power Rangers
  68. The Powerpuff Girls
  69. My Witches
  70. Beach Don’t Keel My Vibe
  71. The Bold Type
  72. The Bold And The Beautiful
  73. Mystical Messengers
  74. My Spirit Guides
  75. My Main Beaches
  76. My Best Buds
  77. Where My Ghouls At?
  78. Haim Doing Fine
  79. Leave Your Foodie Pics Here
  80. Feeling Brew-tiful
  81. Where Have You Bean?
  82. Wazzup
  83. Party Party Yeah
  84. Avengers Assemble
  85. Guardians Of The Galaxy
  86. Game Changers
  87. Take A Chance On Meme
  88. Wish You Were Beer
  89. It’s Always Happy Hour Here
  90. Owl Always Love You
  91. Beautiful Beaches
  92. The Breakfast Club
  93. You Can’t Sit With Us
  94. A Cosmic Connection
  95. Lucille Ballers