7 Unique Ways To Make Your Day Seem Longer On The Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice has us all anticipating the dark hours that are going to undoubtedly intimidate the hell out of some of us. The day is going to seem incredibly shorter, but the time on the clock isn't going to match up with what's outside. Luckily, there are random ways to make your day seem longer during The Winter Solstice. You'll have to play a few mind games on yourself, but who else is better to be fooled by?

Your body is like a machine that's used to a routine. The sun is literally our signaler. It tells us when to wake up, sleep, or party harder. So, without it, we just have to make sure our minds are stimulated. I mean, when a teacher is out and a substitute has to replace them, you don't put learning on pause, do you? Therefore, we have to throw up deuces to the sun for a little bit and get lit on our own.

Also, don't get the assumption that just because the sun is dipping out early that suddenly the world can run wild. There are still laws and stuff, you party animals. Anyway, if you're getting antsy about the shorter day coming up, consider doing a few things to make it seem longer and worthwhile.

Make Late Dinner Plans

You know how you usually start thinking about dinner around 5:30 p.m. or 6 p.m.? Well, push it back a little bit and make later plans with someone to meet you for some grub. For starters, you're more likely to eat later if you have plans made with someone. Snacking should definitely be on your to-do list for the day if you're gonna have a late din din, though.

Clock In Some Overtime, If You Can

Working hard or hardly working? For once, you are actually willing to let your job drain the hours away until you're really ready to face those dark hours. Staying late at the office may not bring the light back, but leaving later may give you a little bit of normalcy on that given date. You stay later, you leave, it's dark, and you're OK with that.

Start A New Show On Netflix

Netflix is no stranger to shaving hours out of our day. Once you're sucked into a show, it's pretty difficult to tap back into reality.

Well, to ring in The Winter Solstice, let that Netflix sorcery cast its spell on you, and start a new show. When it comes to Netflix, there are never enough hours in a day... not even during The Winter Solstice.

Do Some Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Hooray, Christmas is right around the corner, and this dark day is just a hurdle for us to get there. Uh oh, you've literally only gotten through half of your Christmas list and time is running out? What ever shall you do? Well, seeing as many people may be removing themselves from being outside anyway during that coined dark day, you might as well hit the streets (aka, the stores), and leave your procrastination at home.

Take An Evening Class At The Gym

If you normally head to your class right after work, consider taking a later class if it's available. You'll be so absorbed with the class, that time will pass so quickly. Also, if you're worried about not being able to fall asleep at the end of the night, a late gym class will surely wear you right out. Don't forget to sip on some moon milk before you hit the sheets.

Go On A Morning Walk Before Work

Get an extra glimpse of the daylight hours by going for a morning walk before work. It'll help keep you up, and once those dark hours settle in, you won't be completely caught off guard. Morning walks don't take too much energy, and they get you up and ready to face the day... no matter how short it may seem.

Immerse Yourself In A Juicy Read

Remember when your parents encouraged you to read and you thought it was just them exerting their parental enforcement on you? Well, maybe they were, but it's also because reading is rewarding AF. You literally get taken into another world, and can zone out from life for a bit. And maybe we will never admit our parents were right, but they were.

The Winter Solstice may be throwing us some shade, but we'll get the last laugh. Stay busy and dedicated to your busyness, and the day won't seem short at all.