7 Ways To Celebrate Your First Anniversary If You & Your Partner Don’t Like Going Out

by Korey Lane

If you and your partner are celebrating an anniversary soon, then you might be feeling the pressure to plan something amazing. TV shows and movies always portray anniversaries as something that has to be commemorated with a fancy dinner out, or a weekend getaway to a five-star resort. But IRL, some of us honestly just like to stay at home and enjoy each other's company. If that's you and your partner, then you're definitely not alone. There are definitely ways to celebrate your first anniversary if you’re homebodies, because going out can be overrated, anyway.

Whether you've been together for a year, three years, six years, or anywhere in between, you've probably figured out what your favorite things to do together are. You may even have a favorite restaurant, movie, and spot on the couch. The good thing about anniversaries is that they're all about the two of you. If you want to stay in, then stay in! There is absolutely no rule that says you have to go out and leave the comfort of your home.

If you and your homebody partner are ready to celebrate your anniversary at home, then check out these ideas that are perfect for going big, without leaving the house.

Order in your favorite food.

For a couple who loves the food from a certain restaurant, but hates the wait time at said restaurant, ordering in is a great anniversary idea. You can each get your favorite meal, enjoy it together, and you don't even have to worry about putting on pants if you don't want to.

Light some candles, put on some mood music, and you've got the perfect romantic evening at home.

Cook a gourmet meal together.

On the other hand, if you and your significant other enjoy cooking, then it might be fun for the two of you to whip up something delicious together. Try a new recipe, pair it with a semi-fancy wine, and enjoy! It's romantic, simple, and will definitely bring you closer together.

Try something new in the bedroom.

Another great way to celebrate your anniversary at home is to spice things up in the bedroom. You can consider trying a new toy, a lube, or even treating yourself to some new sexy lingerie! Use new moves, and enjoy yourselves. You deserve it!

Watch your favorite movies.

If you and bae are exhausted from a long work week and just want to be together, watching your favorite movies might actually be a great way to celebrate your anniversary. You could watch the first movie you ever saw together, or the movie that reminds you of your love! You could even turn it into an all-day movie marathon. Movies don't have to be dull, and you don't have to do something fancy in order to celebrate your anniversary.

Take a luxurious bubble bath together.

Couples that self-care together, stay together, right? So, light some candles, pour some bubble bath, and get relaxing! You and your partner can unwind, talk, and set the mood for some more fun later, if you know what I mean.

Give each other love letters.

If you really want to turn up the romance, then plan ahead and write each other love letters before the big night. Then, you can come home and exchange them. They don't have to be long or super poetic, but it's a great way to take the time to appreciate each other and your relationship.

Book a trip for the future.

Last but certainly not least, you and your partner can celebrate your anniversary by being homebodies for now, but adventurers in the future. Stay in for your anniversary, but plan a trip within the next few months, or even for your next anniversary! It'll allow you to bond, get excited about your shared future together, while still sitting on the couch.

Celebrating an anniversary is about more than just a date. It's about your relationship and how far you've come! Fancy restaurants or nights out aren't for everyone, and that's fine, but it's still nice to commemorate the day together. Enjoy your time, because you both deserve it!