7 Fun Ways To Bond With The Other Bridesmaids If You Don't Know Them Very Well

So, you've been asked to be a bridesmaid for your BFF's wedding. Naturally, you're pumped to be able to share her big day with her. You might know a few other people in the bride tribe, and maybe even your friend's sisters — but if you're not super close with the whole crew, don't fret. Knowing all of the essential bridesmaid duties that are coming up, you need to pencil in some time to get to know these ladies. Luckily, there are a ton of fun ways to bond with the other bridesmaids.

When my best friend got engaged, I didn't know half of her bridal party, because it was all of the groom's sisters. It's hard to coordinate things like a bachelorette weekend and wedding shower with people you don't really know. It's also a bit more difficult to express your opinions to people you're not tight with. Bonding activities totally help in these situations, and will also make the overall bridesmaid experience so much more fun, rather than just extra work on your plate.

After all, your bestie loves her bridal party immensely, so you know you'll definitely get along with this crew and make new friendships that could end up lasting a lifetime. And let's be real, these seven things to do with your fellow bridesmaids are just fun activities that you don't need an excuse to do. Everyone is winning here.

Plan Boozy Brunch Dates

I'll find any excuse to go out for brunch. I don't know about you, but endless mimosa and delicious waffles are what I dream about on the regular.

If your crew is 21 and up, boozy brunch is a prime bonding activity to plan each month leading up to the wedding. This works great if you all happen to live close to each other. It's an excuse to get together, enjoy some amazing eats, and talk wedding plans.

Have the bride come along for the first couple of brunches to introduce each one of you to the rest of the squad. She can even tell funny stories about how she met each one of you to get the bonding going.

Host A Throwback '90s Movie Night

The best way to relate to someone is to realize you like the same things. That's why a '90s movies night is a great way for the bride tribe to start off on the right foot. Classics like Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You are perfect for the lineup. I mean, come on — I'm sure everyone in the squad can agree on how much we all wanted to cop Cher's rotating wardrobe.

Start A Group Message And Encourage All The Gifs

The best way to keep in touch is through a group message. You'll need to be working together to plan all of the bridal events, so start a Facebook group message or even a text thread to get the conversation flowing. Make it fun by sending funny Gifs and wedding videos so it's not all strict business.

Have An Instagram-Worthy "Bride And Her Tribe" Photoshoot

Set up a photoshoot for the bride and her tribe. You'll be taking photos with each other on the big day, but this is a photoshoot exclusively for fun, silly pics to post on Insta.

If you want to take things up a notch, make it a themed photoshoot where you all hit up a thrift store and pick out the most '80s-looking outfits. Have fun spending the day getting dressed up and bonding with the girls.

Take A Quick Road Trip With A Shared Music Playlist

A road trip really brings people together. Even if you're just going out of town for a day to go shopping for dresses, make it fun and exciting. Have everyone add songs to a shared Spotify playlist, so you will get to know all of the bridesmaids through their taste in music.

Take A Cool Yoga Class Together

You'll all want to relieve some of that wedding planning stress, so getting the crew together for a workout class is an awesome idea. Think out of the box and try something you haven't done before, like aerial yoga. You'll definitely get some awesome pics to remember the day.

Have A Crafting And Wine Night

Have the girls over for a DIY party where you either help with any little crafts for the wedding, the bachelorette party, the shower, or just for yourselves. While you're crafting it up, open a bottle of wine and spill your fave stories about the bride. It's a fun way to have a girls' night in, while also getting some of those bridesmaid duties out of the way.