7 Gifts To Treat Yo Self To If You Want To Add A Little Bling To Your Holiday Style

It's the season for giving to others, but you can't keep exclude yourself from your holiday gift list. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself during the holiday season, and that means delving into some glitz and glam, right? You'll need more than a catalog to find ways to add bling to your style, and we have you covered.

We could all use a healthy dose of sequin or a touch of bedazzled beauty to spruce up our style. Luckily, shininess is no stranger to making a debut in a wardrobe, and it won't take much for you to pop like it's no one's business. Even if you aren't shopping for a specific event or occasion, it feels good to know that you have something fabulous hanging up in your closet.

The good thing about bling is that it can be incorporated in your daily outfits. It doesn't discriminate. Day or night, it's there to see you through a fashionably executed time, and you'll feel confident as hell slaying in it. Clothes can't completely make a person, but if you're not against adding bling to your get-up, chances are, you have a pretty dope personality that'll complement it well. So, if you see bling in your near future, brace yourself for these handpicked, extra shiny opportunities.

A Sequin Bomber Jacket

Sequin Bomber Jacket, $38, Forever 21

Bomber jackets are already super cute, and now they're made with sequins? The idea is just too fabulous.

Dress this jacket up, or dress it down. Either way, you have no other choice but to be the shiniest thing in the room, and who's even complaining? You rock it, girlfriend.

A Little Black Dress With A Sparkly Twist

Sequined Dress, $35, H&M

As if a little black dress couldn't get any more appealing. Bring this baby out for a night on the town, or even a casual stroll into a local bar with the girls. The versatility of the little black dress speaks to why it is adored so much. You can't get any more bling than this gem.

Bling From Head To Toe, Literally

Zellina, $52, ALDO

This pink pastel is such a soft color, and then boom, it's topped with those glistening, diamond-like embellishments. These are not only fierce, but they have the perfect amount of sporty and classy, if that makes sense. I love shoes that you can wear with jeans, or pair with a laid-back dress and a leather jacket.

It's All In The Cap

Madden NYC Women's Sequined Baseball Cap, $15, KOHL'S

This baseball cap is about to be your crowning glory. First of all, it's black, which means it goes with just about everything in your closet. Normally, it's a little challenging trying to find a reason to wear a baseball cap (aside from a bad hair day), but this cap will give you more than one reason. Pair it with your leather leggings and heeled booties, and you're set to slay all day.

A Rhinestone Choker

Silverlake Rhinestone Choker, $13, Etsy

There's just something gorgeous about a beautiful choker. They have certainly made a comeback into the fashion world, and we are totally here for it. How could we not be? They make the neck look so elegant and partner well with a trendy night out or a sophisticated dinner plan.

Mesmerizing Metallic Pants
Forever 21

Metallic Flare Pants, $28, Forever 21

Talk about wearing pants with a purpose. Not only do these look super comfortable, but the metallic is very edgy and chic. Rock these with some pumps or dark sneakers. Either way, these flared pants are beyond fabulous. It's so freaking fun adding some bling to make your outfit pop, isn't it?

This Anything-But-Basic Pencil Skirt
Charlotte Russe

Plus Size Scalloped Sequin Pencil Skirt, $33, Charlotte Russe

You know how pencil skirts are usually basic, so you can easily stock up on the different colors? Well, this style is anything but basic, and once you wear it, no one is going to forget it. Keep it simple at the top and let the skirt work its dazzling magic. Rock it!

A little dose of bling could never lead you in the wrong direction. We could all use a little extra shiniest in our lives.