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7 Unexpected Things You Should Buy As An Official #Adult

by Kristin Corpuz
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Building credit, applying for health insurance, and generally living on your own in your early and mid-20s can be a bit intimidating. But little by little, you begin to sort things out. You may apply for your first solo apartment, accept your dream job, or move across the country. You might also start to buy some unexpected things every adult should have along your journey.

Whether you invest in new artwork for your walls, treat yourself to a matching set of drinkware, buy a quality vacuum cleaner, or organize your pantry until it looks like Khloe Kardashian's, the purchases you make as you get older can really help you feel like an adult. It's weird how you can associate certain purchases with specific times in your life — like when I bought a knife sharpener for the first time and finally "completed" my kitchen — but investments in your home can really make you feel like everything's falling into place.

While swiping your card to purchase any one of these things won't instantly make you hit peak adulting (there's a lot more that goes into it than that), as you build up your collection of grown-up purchases, you may feel well on your way.

A Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

A true testament to feeling like you're adulting is when you actually start to enjoy cleaning up your space. You're probably going to enjoy cleaning much more if you have a high-powered and fancy-looking vacuum cleaner such as the Dyson V11. I don't own one myself just yet, but I tried it out at Dyson's demo store in L.A. and it's amazing.

A Fire Resistant And Waterproof Safe

A fire and waterproof safe is a really smart purchase; it'll always keep your special belongings safe in your home. You can keep everything in here, from sentimental photos to important documents such as your passport, birth certificate, and social security card.

A Matching Bar Set

In my mind, #adulting includes hosting. Whether it's game night, Friendsgiving, or just a chill double-date hangout, hosting people at your place can be a huge part of being a grown-up.

One thing I always wanted to invest in when I moved into my own place was a matching bar set. I loved the idea of being able to whip up a cocktail for my guests so they can get settled into my home. I bought this exact set when I moved out to L.A., and I can 100% confirm it's a stellar purchase.

Food Storage Containers That Actually Keep Food Fresh

Gone are the days of reusing takeout containers for your leftover food storage. Now that you're an adult, matching food storage that both looks neat and effectively keeps your food fresh is a necessity.

A Nice Set Of Everyday Drinkware

One purchase that unexpectedly made me feel a lot more adult was when I bought a full set of drinkware. I no longer had to pull out the two matching cups when people came over, nor did I have to hand wash each cup right after I used it to ensure that I had enough clean ones. Having a large set of glasses that match made my kitchen feel so much more complete.

A Big Area Rug

Money spent on area rugs is definitely money well-spent, especially when they're as beautiful as this one from Urban Outfitters. It makes your space come full-circle, and will look stellar underneath your chic coffee table.

Cool Artwork

While having art on your wall definitely isn't a necessity, having it can make your home feel way more grown-up — especially pop culture, custom-made, or hand-painted pieces. Artwork on your walls can also brighten any room and make your home feel more complete so your guests feel all of your vibes when they walk in.

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