7 Traditions You & Your SO Should Start With Your Friend Groups Now

When you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you've decided to make room for another lovely person in your life. And although every new relationship is so exciting, you never forget about all of your awesome friends since day one. You and your new boo are still heavy on maintaining that dope feel within your group of friends, but now it's time for those two worlds to beautifully collide. It's not a bad idea to think about traditions to start with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and your group of friends, because that special person is part of your tribe now.

These traditions will be so much fun, because the vibe within your group of friends is always inviting. You all are so tight, but not too tight to the point where you are against letting anyone in. Anyone who's worth being in your life is surely OK to be in theirs as well.

If you and your SO both come from the same group of friends, you're already all set. If not, combining these two friend groups will be so interesting, but rewarding if everyone is game to be included. Your traditions are going to be tailored towards the consensus of what fun is within your groups, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Attend An Out Of State Music Festival Each Year

Music brings everyone together, and if you can find a music festival that combines more than one genre of music, you are on your way to a diverse setting for the group. Life Is Beautiful is the perfect festival to get a combination of various styles of music, food, speakers, and of course, all of the perks of Sin City. You won't regret it.

Visit An Amusement Park During The First Days Of Spring

Who doesn't love screaming their head off after that steep drop on your favorite ride? Amusement parks never lose their flair, no matter how old you get. You and your crew can spend the entire day exploring the park and eating some cotton candy like the true adrenaline junkies you are.

Host An Annual Ugly Sweater Party

Ugly sweater parties are so entertaining, especially when you factor in a little friendly competition with your friends. Make sure everyone participates, and you guys will have so much fun. The cool thing about planning your own annual ugly sweater party is that it doesn't even have to be during the holidays.

Have A Crock-Pot Sunday Every Month

Never heard of a Crock-Pot Sunday? Well, it's pretty simple and so much fun.

Pick a Sunday where you let something sit and deliciously cook in your Crock-Pot for the majority of the day. Everyone can either bring something that complements the main dish you're making, or they can even plug in one of their Crock-Pots and add another entree to the menu. Crock-Pots are the unicorns of kitchen appliances, and your home will be smelling so inviting for your guests.

Rent A Beach House For A Long Weekend Every Summer

What better way to mark the glorious days of summer than by renting a beach house with all of your dope friends? For starters, the more the merrier — and since you'll be splitting the cost, it will prove to be pretty affordable. Assign everyone essentials to bring, and pick the perfect place on the shore for the weekend.

Each Year, Randomly Pick Someone To Throw A Surprise Birthday Party For

Birthday parties are a great way to get people more associated with each other. Every year, pick a person at random in your group to throw a surprise birthday party for. You'll need a leader to orchestrate, but it'll be a cute little secret the group can withhold from someone.

Have A Themed Game Night Every Other Month

Twister? Cards Against Humanity? Any of these are fair game if you are hosting a game night. You want a variety, and to make it more entertaining, you can add a theme. For example, you could have a Taco Tuesday game night or embrace a '90s theme. The theme can also revolve around an inside joke your groups have.

Combining your two friend groups will bring you and your SO closer together. It might take two to tango, but now you've got a group to form a conga line.