6 Traditions To Start With Your SO When You First Move In Together

Thais Ramos Varela/Stocksy

So, you took the leap and decided to move in together. Maybe you got that apartment in the city, or a cute condo in the suburbs. As Monica from Friends would say, it's a whole new era! You're excited to have all of your stuff in one space, and that you'll be able to snuggle up with bae at the end of a long day. You've already spent some time wandering around IKEA, and maybe even made a toast in an empty room. You two have all your inside jokes, memories, and more, but moving in means new traditions for couples that you get to start, and continue forever.

Creating a new home together is kind of cool when you think about it. Sure, sharing spaces can be tricky, and we've learned from living with our college roommates that it takes some time to adjust to each other's schedules. You might not totally feel in sync with your significant other when you first move in, but you'll be oh-so-grateful that every night is now a sleepover. Hanging pictures, deciding who will take out the trash, and stocking up on all the best snacks for cozy nights spent staying in is better with your best friend by your side. Adventures are you favorite, and this is just the next one in your forever.

Traditions aren't just for the festive times of the years, and there are so many things you can do on the reg that will totally elevate your relationship and your life now that you're living together. We suggest you start with one of these seven things if you're a couple with a brand new set of keys.

Make Breakfast With Bae

Monday mornings are about to be instantly better. Waking up really is the worst, but taking some time in the morning to have a hot cup of your favorite brew with bae will start your days off right.

You should really try to have just one meal a day together if you can. It's so easy to get swept up in our hectic schedules, and if you don't make something like this a sort of tradition, you might miss out on sharing some quality time and food. Put your planners and phones down for a minute each morning, and whip out the waffle maker. Cue up your favorite alternative songs if you really want to make your life feel like a movie.

Check Out New Spots Around Your City

The adventures don't stop just in your space. Moving means calling a new city your home, and you'll want to experience and explore it all together. Once a week, make a pact to venture beyond your pad. Try all the local restaurants, go see a show at the theater down the street, or find some new friends to add to your crew.

They say traveling together is another huge step for you and your special someone, because you learn a lot about each other and how the other person handles the world. Maybe you've already gone on a trip or two, or have just been thinking about booking that cute Airbnb abroad for a bit. Start small and check out the spots right around you.

Snuggle Up To A New Show

Watching a great TV show should always require a buddy. Whether it be on snowy days or casual Saturday afternoons, make it a tradition to take some time just to chill as a couple. You and your significant other probably already share a lot of the same interests, so picking something to watch won't be too difficult.

Pop some popcorn and get cozy on your new couch. Maybe you'll start a sitcom, or get totally sucked into Game of Thrones and start sharing all of your theories. Adventuring is totally important in a relationship, but being able to disconnect and enjoy the lazy days is key, too.

Host A Holiday Party

The more the merrier. You'll be constantly sharing your space with your special someone, but sometimes, extend the invitation to the other significant others in your life. Maybe you and your bae have the same best friends, or have just created quite the crew together. Truth is, you've surrounded yourselves with the most amazing squad, and it's important that you spend some time with them as well.

At least once a year, host a party for your people. You might have had everyone over already for a housewarming, but the holidays will be just around the corner and everyone's looking for a reason to break out their ugly Christmas sweaters. Hold a beach bash on the Fourth of July, or buy a bunch of candy and start a spooky tradition this Halloween. The Super Bowl is always a fun time as well, so maybe you get everyone together for some sports.

Go Grocery Shopping Together

Living together will be loads of fun, but every once in awhile reality will hit, and you'll have to make the most of it. Paying rent, doing the dishes, and loading up the washing machine with your laundry just come with the territory, but could also totally be something of a tradition.

You'll want your fridge to always be filled with the best food. We all can agree that nuggets should always be a staple, and that apples and peanut butter are a perfect pair. Once a week, make it a point to go to the grocery store together and stock up. Consider buying something special you can cook together one day like salmon, or go for something sweet that'll send you straight into your nostalgia, like chocolate pudding. Spending time with your significant other and adulting can so go hand-in-hand.

Get A Little Physical

Teamwork makes the dream work. Hopefully your bae brings out the best in you and motivates you to continuously live your best life. They're your number one fan, ultimate sidekick, and running buddy when you're chasing after your dreams. Living together means looking out for each other in sickness and in health — bringing the soup, or the sneakers depending on the day. So, why not start a more active tradition?

Nobody wants to be put down for cardio, but focusing on your fitness could be a fun way to taking "moving" to a whole new level. Push each other to do that extra plank, and prep some healthy meals together for a week full of wellness. Getting physical has never felt so good, and you're already head first jumping into happily ever after.