7 'Very Cavallari' Moments That Foreshadowed Kristin & Jay's Split

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler's divorce keeps getting messier by the minute, and TBH, this split was probably a long time coming. Despite spending nearly a decade together and having plenty of cute moments on their reality show, Very Cavallari, the two weren't shy about discussing their marital issues, both on camera and off. Looking back, there were definitely times when Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler's relationship on Very Cavallari looked tense AF, and in case you've forgotten them, I've rounded up the most heated moments between the two on the series.

No marriage is perfect, of course, and Cavallari has always acknowledged that. However, it seems to me that Cutler's leaving the NFL caused the most tension in their relationship. Throughout the series, it was clear that Cavallari was annoyed by her perception that Cutler could be more ambitious. Cutler, in turn, often accused Cavallari of prioritizing her business before their marriage. Their fights on the show usually revolved about the role reversal that occurred when Cutler retired and Cavallari launched Uncommon James, and IMO, the series was as much about their tumultuous relationship as it was about Cavallari's jewelry line. Here are some of the most awkward arguments the two have had on camera throughout the three seasons.

When Cutler Said He Wasn't Interested In Working

While out to dinner together in the first episode of the series, Cavallari asked Cutler how he would keep himself busy in retirement. Though she suggested he get either a job or a hobby, he replied, "I'm not really looking to do a lot of work right now. I'm looking to do the exact opposite of that." Cavallari's eye roll in response says it all.

When Cavallari Talked About Having Financial Independence

During the Season One finale, Cavallari spoke about the possibility of buying her own "pad" in Nashville, and Cutler quickly shut down the idea. However, Cavallari reminded him that she could do whatever she wanted with her own money, which Cutler definitely didn't appreciate. "You have your money, but then my money is our money," he pointed out. That's when Cavallari clapped back, saying it was important for women to be fiscally independent from their spouse. "I'm with you because I love you," she said, "not because I need you."

When Cavallari Uninvited Cutler To Palm Springs

In the second episode of Season Two, Cavallari headed to Palm Springs, California for a campaign shoot, and while packing, she told Cutler that he wasn't invited. After sarcastically asking about how much "work" Cavallari would actually be doing on her trip, he lamented having to play "dad" while she was gone. "Good, you're making up for all the time you were in Miami," Cavallari replied, alluding to his season spent playing for the Dolphins. Cutler later said, "I'm basically the housewife," adding, "I don't feel good about it."

When They Fought About Spending Habits During A Dinner Party

While hosting a dinner party with friends during the sixth episode of Season Two, the subject of their approaching move came up, and Cavallari claimed they were "downsizing" because Cutler was now retired. (Skip to 0:53 in the video to see the drama.) Offended, Cutler corrected her, saying they were on a "budget," but he was still the breadwinner of the family. He then called Cavallari the "bread spender." As he explained to the group, "When Kristin wants to buy... she buys."

When Cavallari Said She & Cutler Were At A "Low" Point

In the same episode as the awkward dinner party, Cavallari got candid with her friends about where she and Cutler stood, explaining that they were at a "low" point in their marriage. "From the outside, like, things are so perfect and things are so great. But actually, like, they're not," she said. "And that sucks. It sucks. That's the thing, though, with marriage — it's ups and downs. Right now we're in a low, but in two months we could be up here again. And that's how we've always been, our whole relationship. It is what it is."

When They Had Different Expectations About Cavallari Retiring

While running errands together during season two's seventh episode, Cutler asked Cavallari when she saw herself retiring, and the two realized they had very different expectations about when Cavallari would stop working. (Skip to 0:50 to see the convo go down.) "It's not like I'm going to sell Uncommon James and then just sit on my *ss all day," she told him. Later, to the cameras, Cavallari added, "Jay's sort of, like, in this retired mode. He's kind of just hanging out, and he wants me to sell my business and be there with him. That, unfortunately, is not my dream."

When Cavallari Said She Gave Up Her Whole Life For Cutler

While vacationing in Cabo during episode eight of Season Two, the couple took a private boat trip so they could hash out their recent issues. The main issue they tackled: Cavallari felt that Cutler didn't respect her work. She acknowledged that they'd experienced a "role reversal" and she couldn't spend as much time with him, but she wished he was more supportive. "When you were playing football, like, literally, I had to give up my whole life and had to just live your life," she said, "and I never gave you a hard time about it." By the end of the conversation, Cutler decided, "We're fine," to which Cavallari unenthusiastically replied, "Yeah."

I'll definitely miss Cutler's sarcasm on Very Cavallari, but here's hoping E! will renew the series for a fourth season regardless.