7 Plans You & Your SO Can Make With Your Roomie, So They Feel Included

You feel so #blessed to live with not only a cool roommate, but someone you consider to be a best friend. You spend a lot of time with each other in the apartment — whether you're watching your favorite movies, having wine nights, cooking dinner, hosting get-togethers, or having a chill cleaning and laundry day. Though, when you start dating someone, you might find yourself at a fork in the road that splits your time between your friendships and your partner. But it doesn't have to be that way. Of course, you love your date nights, but you also cherish quality time spent with your roomie. So, there are some fun things you and your partner can do with your roommate, because you want to make sure they feel included.

The last thing you'd want is for your roomie to feel like you're putting your friendship on the back-burner and only prioritizing your relationship. You also don't want there to be any awkwardness between your two favorite people, because you genuinely want them to bond. Kick things off by planning a hangout with your roomie and your bae. Suggest any of these seven things that'll be a fun time for all three of you.

Sign Up For A Fun Workout Class

Signing up for a cool workout class is always a good idea. You could do something fun like aerial yoga or high intensity interval training, and then grab smoothies afterwards. Just make sure beforehand it's a workout class everyone wants to try, and no one feels obligated.

Start Watching A New TV Show

One way to make sure your roomie feels totally comfortable is by having your hangout in the apartment. Do something you'd normally do together, like catch up on one of your favorite TV shows, or the three of you can start a new one together.

Go To A Sports Game

A sporting event is a fun way for the three of you to bond. Attend a baseball, hockey, or basketball game together. You'll be rooting for your team, eating the best snacks, and sharing a ton of laughs.

Check Out A Brewery
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If you're 21 or up, a brewery is a fun place to spend the afternoon. Try a flight of beers to see which one is your favorite. There might even be a tasting or tour to sign up for to make it extra fun.

Find A Trivia Night At A Local Bar

The three of you can team up for trivia night. There's always something going on at one of the local bars any night of the week. Not only are you all working together, but if you win, you get to split the prize.

Try To Break Out Of An Escape Room

Another activity that has all three of you working together is an escape room. There won't be any third wheel feels when you're trying to figure out the puzzles and the clock's counting down. Also, it'll give you something to laugh about later when you recap everything from the room.

Host A Baking Party In The Apartment
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Each one of you can put your skills to the test by trying out different recipes for cookies, brownies, and even cupcakes or muffins. The best part is eating your delicious creations later on.