7 Things Every Girl Can't Help But Stress About Before Going To Her High School Reunion

High school was a thing of the past, but when that reunion time starts creeping up, you might start reminiscing on those four years like they were just yesterday. Ladies, we don't forget anything. So, it's only logical that there are things you stress about before high school reunion time, because so much happened in those four years and during the time that has passed between then and now.

Hopefully, everyone has matured and outgrown the immature drama that came along with high school. Regardless, call it butterflies or a mini heart attack, but the idea of gathering all of those no-longer-teenage faces again in one place is going to be shocking. Who the heck plugged in the time machine, anyway?

It seems like we were just casting our votes for the "class clown" or "most likely to succeed" superlatives. Now, we're probably bringing our spouses, kids, or stories about post-grad life back to the place where we all met. It's funny how quickly time can change things even if day by day it didn't seem like it. Well, you definitely have to round up your squad and go, because it'll be great to see everyone. But, don't be surprised if you have a mini stress attack about a few things beforehand.

Seeing Your High School Sweetheart

If you didn't end up with your high school sweetheart, it might make you feel super anxious seeing them again — especially if the two of you haven't seen each other since you broke things off before or during college. Even if they've moved on, don't repel them. We can't change the past, and keep in mind that their personality drew you to them at one time. Clearly, they have some golden qualities that you can still cherish as a friend.

Being The Only Single One

Yes, we have Facebook, so we know who got married, had kids, or is at least in a committed relationship. You might get a little overwhelmed that you're the only single one. It's not like you're competing for prom king and queen, though. Your prince is out there somewhere, and even if he's not attending this reunion with you, you don't need a relationship as validation that you're doing just fine.

Hearing Those High School Horror Stories

Remember that one night junior year when you did something so outlandishly stupid over the weekend that it was the main chatter in the hallways the next Monday? Well, that story may very well come up, because some people have nothing better to do than to bring up a time when you embarrassed yourself. Hey, at least they're thinking about ya!

Being Completely Unrecognizable

OK, you know that feeling when you throw a party and you fear no one will show up? Imagine being invited somewhere, but when you show up, no one recognizes you. It's fine, though, because we are all maturing, and are confidently assembling into our adulthood identities.

Wipe the sweat off your forehead, ladies, because you should have the time of your life at your reunion. Let them stare.

Having To Explain What You Do For Work

Old habits die hard, and we all know high school had a lot of judgmental undertones to it. So, when you get pestered about what you do for work, just know that some people might not be asking because they're interested, they're just being nosy AF.

No matter what your profession is, wear that badge proudly, because you aren't living for anyone else but yourself. If it seems like someone is trying to give you crap for what you do, cut the convo short and move on. Bye, Felicia.

Deciding What To Wear

Jeez, going back to high school sure has us reverting back to those old habits of extremely caring about how we look. Finding something slay-worthy to wear that embodies your personality is a must. You've most likely changed, and it's time to show your past who you wholeheartedly are now. There are no cliques anymore, and people are actually adored for their individuality outside of high school.

Running Into That Chick You Never Got Along With

OK, some people were so horrible in high school that it can be challenging to patch up those rough spots when you're older and meeting up again. Of course, be cordial, but if you don't feel the need to be buddy-buddy with the girl who made high school the worst for you, don't. Life goes on.

Let your high school reunion be the universe's way of letting you step back into a portion of your past. We can't change who we were back then, but we're definitely letting our true colors beam these days.